Blizzard Confidence Soars: Diablo 4 Expected To Have A Smooth Launch Day

Blizzard, the developer of Diablo 4, has stated that it anticipates a smooth PS5 and PS4 launch next month due to the betas and server stress tests it has conducted over the past few months. According to Eurogamer, the team has been conducting internal tests with millions of bot accounts for over a year and has learned much when dealing with actual players.

Joe Piepiora, associate game director, stated that each pre-release test has been “transformative” as the studio learns its technical capacity and strives for the most seamless launch possible. “These are not betas for marketing. None were the case. We require information to ensure a successful launch of the product. That was the sole purpose of the betas we created.” Blizzard discovered backend issues that would have delayed Diablo 4’s release even during the recent server crash.

Blizzard Entertainment posted about the Diablo 4 server going live. Check the Tweet below

We only caught them because we worked this extra weekend. Piepiora also mentioned that internal testing of an always-online game could only get you so far, so releasing it in a live environment for real players to test was crucial. “There is a substantial increase in the amount of data you receive when users access your website via various ISPs and servers around the globe.

Diablo 4
Diablo 4

And with each of these, we discovered a plethora of minor occurrences, such as this happening with clan invitations and when you join a party in a particular way — a plethora of such circumstances across the board.” Diablo 4, scheduled for release on PS5, PS4 on June 6, 2023, is a game that requires a constant internet connection to play. It’s reassuring to hear that Blizzard is confident in its ability to deliver a seamless experience on launch day, but if this article is still being linked to in a few weeks, things have likely gone awry.

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