Crisis Core Final Fantasy 7: How Old Was Cloud During Crisis Core?

What is Crisis Core Final Fantasy 7 Reunion’s Release Date?

Square Enix said Tuesday that PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and Windows will all be getting Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion on December 13.

Is It a Straight Remake?

Yes. Even though it bears the term “Final Fantasy 7 Remake,” the game’s conclusion is different from the one in the PlayStation version of the game. The ending of FF7R was intended to foreshadow that the events of the sequels would diverge from those of the original game. The Crisis Core team assured GameSpot, however, that they have no plans to alter the plot of the PSP game.

Crisis Core Reunion’s story will be a “very true rendition of the original story,” according to Mariko Sato, one of the game’s producers.

The development team, though, isn’t just polishing up Crisis Core. Given the game’s age, it’s probably for the best that all of the languages will be voice-acted, and that gameplay and combat will be updated.

Why Is a Crisis Core Remake a Big Beal?

The Crisis Core Final Fantasy 7 Reunion is important for three reasons. The first and most obvious is that, if you liked Final Fantasy 7, you will love this game.

It’s a long role-playing game that revisits places seen in the original game when Cloud was merely a bunch of purple and yellow polygons. In addition to fleshing out people that were on the periphery in Final Fantasy 7, it also reveals the universe that existed before a specific Soldier became a planet-killing maniac.

Crisis Core Final Fantasy 7
Crisis Core Final Fantasy 7

To add insult to injury, Square Enix has been particularly cagey about releasing the game for new consoles. Even though the firm has brought PS2-era games like Final Fantasy X and Kingdom Hearts to every console known to man, Crisis Core has not received any sort of remaster treatment. Since over 2 million copies of the game were sold, this is highly exceptional. However, up until Reunion, playing Crisis Core necessitated the use of a PSP.

Why Do We Need To know About Zack Fair?

Zack Fair was only seen in the 1997 Final Fantasy 7 through flashbacks. Anyone who has played Final Fantasy 7 knows that Zack was Cloud’s tutor and saviour, but that he was murdered by Shinra militia before the events of the game.

That’s why Crisis Center: 2007 is still talked about today. It deepened your attachment to Zack and his network of friends and foes, making his tragic end feel all the more crushing.

The mysterious “arbiters of fate” creatures were responsible for making all events play out in this dimension as they did in the 1997 original, but Cloud and company defeated them by the end of Final Fantasy 7 Remake. You can read a full explainer on what this means here, but the short story is that the Final Fantasy 7 Remake trilogy takes place in a different dimension.

Since their deaths, however, the timeline has become unreliable. It’s no longer certain that Aerith will die, that Cloud will forget everything, or that Sephiroth will be vanquished.

Perhaps most importantly, that leaves Zack Fair’s fate a mystery. Zack survives the Shinra militia’s onslaught that, in alternate timelines, would have finished his story and we get to see him get back on his feet at the end of Final Fantasy 7 Remake. As the story concludes in Final Fantasy 7 Intergrade, a downloadable content pack starring Yuffie, Zack storms inside the Church in Sector 7 in search of Aerith, an old flame, only to find that she has disappeared. Zack is, thus, still around, though we don’t know in what dimension.

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