Fate/weird Fake is Finally Getting Anime Announced by Aniplex!

Aniplex revealed Ryohgo Narita’s Fate/strange Fake spinoff story, titled Fate/strange Fake -Whispers of Dawn-, would have its anime premiere on December 31 as part of the annual Fate Project New Year’s TV Special. The announcement was made at this weekend’s Aniplex Online Fest 2022-2.

Fate/strange Written by Ryohgo Narita, Fake is a light novel series that began in 2015 but has its roots in an April Fool’s hoax from 2008. The plot follows the Mages and Heroes of Snowfield, a city in the western United States, as they engage in a new Holy Grail War.

The directors for the A-1 Pictures special are Shun Enokido and Takahito Sakazume. The character designs are by Ykei Yamada, while the music is by Hiroyuki Sawano. Aniplex also confirmed that the English dubbed and subtitled versions of this special would be released simultaneously.

Fate/Strange Fake Teaser Trailer

Fate/Strange Fake Staff & Cast Comment

 Shun Enokido (Director)

First off, let me introduce myself: my name is Shun Enokido, and I will be serving as the director.
When it comes to continuity, Fate/strange Fake bridges the gap between TYPE-MOON and the original Fate series. Several inconsistencies have been found in the game’s heroic souls and masters.
Two directors were also called in because this is not going to be an easy task. As any observer of the Holy Grail War can attest, anything can happen at any time. I’m excited to have you join us for this wild show.

Takahito Sakazume (Director)

For those who don’t know me, my name is Sakazume, and I’m co-directing this anime with Shun Enokido. Fate/strange The world of Fake in TYPE-MOON is an alternate reality that deviates from the standard Fate formula. Since this is a “true/false” scenario, I think the two-director format is effective. To that end, we’ve been honing our animation and artistic chops in the hopes of bringing you something truly unique.

Fateweird Fake is Finally Getting Anime
Fateweird Fake is Finally Getting Anime

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Anjali Kunapaneni (Ayaka Sajyō’s English CV)

My English voice-acting debut is with Fate/strange Fake -Whispers of Dawn-, and I am beyond excited for fans to hear my interpretation of Ayaka’s character.

Kana Hanazawa (Ayaka Sajyō’s Japanese CV)

Wow, it’s great to see Ayaka looking so good again. Since Narita-sensei has been such big assistance to me for so long, I’ve been reading the original story and the comic book in anticipation of listening to the recording. You should check this out.

Ben Balmaceda (Saber’s English CV)

In Fate/strange Fake -Whispers of Dawn-, I play the role of Saber, and I couldn’t be more thrilled. To everyone watching, I say thank you, and I hope I succeed in earning your approval.

Yūki Ono (Saber’s Japanese CV)

YES! Finally!! Weird/Fake is getting the cartoon treatment! The video played during the taping got me pretty psyched up. I’ll be returning as Saber’s [Japanese voice actor], but I’m curious as to what capacity I’ll play this time around. Oh, well, I’m afraid you’ll have to hold off till December.

Fate/Strange Fake Cast

Both Japanese and English CVs were revealed. The names are as follows:

■ Ayaka Sajyō – JP CV: Kana Hanazawa / EN CV: Anjali Kunapaneni
■ Saber – JP CV: Yūki Ono / EN CV: Ben Balmaceda
■ Archer – JP CV: Tomokazu Seki / EN CV: David Vincent
■ Lancer – JP CV: Yū Kobayashi / EN CV: Marin Miller

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