XO Kitty Season 2 Release Date on Netflix: What Will Happen in Netflix Spin-off-Series?

XO, Kitty is a Netflix original series that follows the adventures of Kitty Song Covey, the youngest sister of Lara Jean Covey from the To All The Boys movies.

A charming and humorous matchmaker named Kitty gets the chance to study in Seoul, South Korea, where she wants to discover her own love story. At the Korean Independent School of Seoul (KISS), she makes new friends, faces off against rivals, and maybe develops crushes, which complicates matters.

On May 18, 2023, Netflix released the first season of XO, Kitty, which was well-received by both critics and viewers. The show received plaudits for its multicultural cast, eye-catching design, catchy score, and heartfelt romance. In its first week, the show made the Top 10 lists in 90 different nations, making it a hit on a global scale as well.

You’re in luck if you’re one of the many viewers who binge-watched the first season and are eagerly anticipating more. On June 14, 2023, Netflix will premiere season two of XO, Kitty.   Here is everything you need to know about XO, Kitty Season 2, including the release date, cast, plot details, and more.

When Will XO, Kitty Season 2 Be Released on Netflix?

The second season of XO, Kitty has yet to have a date announced by Netflix. Determining a release timeframe is challenging and heavily dependent on the commencement of filming. It is important to point out that the first season of XO, Kitty was produced fairly quickly.

Just 13 months after the season’s production started in April 2022, Netflix announced the debut date. As a result, if season 2 filming begins soon, fans may be able to anticipate a late 2024 release date. The Writers Guild of America (WGA) strike may delay the publication of XO, Kitty season 2, however, it is unclear whether this will happen.

The official Twitter account for Netflix shared a tweet:

Who Will Be in the Cast of XO, Kitty Season 2?

The main cast of XO, Kitty Season 1 is expected to reprise their roles in Season 2. This includes:

  • Anna Cathcart as Kitty Song Covey: the protagonist of the show. She is a smart, sassy, and confident teenager who loves matchmaking and writing fanfiction. She moves to Seoul to attend KISS and reunites with her long-distance boyfriend Dae.
  • Minyeong Choi as Dae: Kitty’s boyfriend and childhood friend. He is a sweet, loyal, and supportive guy who works at his family’s bakery. He loves Kitty but struggles with their changing relationship as they face new challenges and temptations.
  • Jiwoo Kim as Jiwoo: Kitty’s best friend and roommate at KISS. She is a bubbly, outgoing, and fashionable girl who loves music and dancing. She helps Kitty adjust to life in Seoul and introduces her to new friends and experiences.
  • Seojun Park as Seojun: a popular student at KISS who has a crush on Kitty. He is a talented singer and guitarist who dreams of becoming a K-pop star. He is friendly, charismatic, and flirtatious but also has a sensitive and vulnerable side.
  • Yeonjun Choi as Yeonjun: Seojun’s best friend and bandmate. He is a skilled rapper and dancer who also aspires to be a K-pop idol. He is witty, sarcastic, and loyal but also has a rebellious streak.
  • Soojin Lee as Soojin: Kitty’s rival and nemesis at KISS. She is a rich, spoiled, and arrogant girl who likes Dae and hates Kitty. She is always trying to sabotage Kitty’s happiness and reputation with her schemes and lies.

There may also be some new additions to the cast in Season 2 as Kitty meets more people in Seoul or visits other places. We will update this article as soon as we get more information about the cast of XO, Kitty Season 2.

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What Will Happen in XO, Kitty Season 2?

The plot of XO, Kitty Season 2 is still unknown at this point. However, we can make some guesses based on how Season 1 ended and what the creators have said about the show. Season 1 of XO, Kitty ended with a major cliffhanger that left fans wondering about Kitty’s fate.

In the final episode, Kitty decides to break up with Dae after realizing that they have grown apart and that she has feelings for Seojun. However, before she could tell Seojun how she felt, she got into a car accident that left her unconscious and bleeding.

The last scene showed Kitty’s sisters, Lara Jean and Margot, arriving at the hospital to see her, along with Dae, Seojun, Jiwoo, and Yeonjun. The episode ended with a voiceover from Kitty saying, “I don’t know what’s going to happen next. But I do know this: I’m not giving up on love. Not now. Not ever.”

In season 2 of XO, Kitty will likely pick up from where Season 1 left off and explore the aftermath of the accident and the breakup. Will Kitty survive and recover from her injuries? Will she choose Dae or Seojun as her true love?

Will she make up with her friends and enemies? Will she pursue her dreams of becoming a writer or a matchmaker? Will she discover more secrets and surprises about her family and her past?

According to co-showrunner Jenny Han, who is also the author of the To All The Boys books, Season 2 of XO, Kitty will continue to show Kitty’s growth and evolution as a character and as a lover.

Han told Netflix’s Tudum that Kitty’s story is different from Lara Jean’s in that it does not follow the conventional trope of finding one true love and living happily ever after. Instead, Kitty’s story is about exploring different kinds of love and relationships at different times of her life.

Han said, “What was exciting about Kitty’s story is that it shows you can really explore different people for different times of your life.” She added, “It means that at that moment in your life, they were that love. And then maybe it enables you to keep going.” We will update this article as soon as we get more information about the plot of XO, Kitty Season 2.

Where Can I Watch XO, Kitty Season 2?

Netflix will be the only place to watch XO, Kitty Season 2. If you haven’t watched it yet or if you want to see it again, you can watch the first season of XO, Kitty on Netflix right now.

If you want to see more of Kitty and her sisters, you can also watch the To All The Boys movies on Netflix. With Lana Condor playing Lara Jean Covey, Noah Centineo playing Peter Kavinsky, Janel Parrish playing Margot Covey, and Anna Cathcart playing Kitty Covey, the films are based on the Jenny Han novels.

You will smile, cry, and swoon while watching XO, Kitty, a lighthearted, swoon-worthy, and romantic program. You will undoubtedly appreciate this show if you like To All The Boys, K-dramas, or just love stories in general. Prepare yourself for further adventures with Kitty Song Covey by keeping an eye out for updates on XO, Kitty Season 2.

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