You Season 4: Release Date Status Speculation, Cast, Plot, and Everything We Know So Far!

For those who haven’t seen You season 3 on Netflix, Joe Goldberg is back and things are going to get much messier in season four.

In You season three, a significant character died, thus the environment will be different when the show returns. In any case, Joe (Penn Badgley) and his homicidal pursuit of happily ever after will continue to raise eyebrows throughout the rest of the film.

The actor told TV Line that he believes Joe will remain the same. “Healing and changing someone who is so severely mentally ill, deranged, and traumatized is going to be an uphill battle. A person that far gone, I’m not sure if it’s feasible.”

Sera Gamble, showrunner of the fourth season, said in a statement: “We’re extremely grateful that Netflix has shown You such massive support and that people across the world have enjoyed watching Joe truly get it all very wrong over the previous three seasons.” Everybody on the “You” team is eager to explore new, dark aspects of love in season four.”

Next season’s setting and cast are all set, but will Joe be able to find Marienne (Tati Gabrielle) before the end of the season?

Everything you need to know about You season four, from the brand new teaser trailer to cast updates and – spoiler alert – what occurs at the end of season three, can be found in the following paragraphs!

You Season 4 Release Date Speculation

You season 4 has not yet been given a release date.

However, Netflix has announced that the fourth season of You has begun filming.

We can only hope that now that production has begun, fresh episodes will be released in time for Christmas 2022.

Season two of You premiered on Netflix on December 26, 2018, exactly one year after the first season premiered.

Covid-19 delayed production of You’s third season, which didn’t premiere on Netflix until April 2021, six months after the show’s original release date in January 2020.

You Season 4 Cast

Season 4 of You has thus far confirmed the following cast members.

  • Penn Badgley as Joe Goldberg
  • Tati Gabrielle as Marienne Bellamy
  • Lukas Gage as Adam
  • Charlotte Ritchie as Kate
  • Tilly Keeper as Lady Phoebe
  • Amy Leigh Hickman as Nadia
  • Ed Speleers as Rhys
  • Brad Alexander as Edward
  • Niccy Lin as Sophie
  • Aidan Cheng as Simon
  • Stephen Hagan as Malcolm 
  • Ben Wiggins as Roald 
  • Eve Austin as Gemma
  • Ozioma When as Blessing
  • Dario Coates as Connie
  • Sean Pertwee as Vic
  • Alison Pargeter as Dawn 
  • Adam James as Elliot

For Penn Badgley to reprise his role as creepy Joe, who faked his murder at the hands of his late wife Love Quinn, it wouldn’t be You without him (Victoria Pedretti).

Tati Gabrielle, who played Marianne Bellamy, the ex-librarian Joe got obsessed with in the third season of Uncharted, will reprise her role.

Marianne fled town with her daughter Juliette after learning of Joe’s true nature from his wife Love, and the season closed with Joe attempting to hunt her down in France.

There have been pictures of Penn Badgley filming in London with a beard beside Gabrielle as Marianne, who is now sporting long blonde braids as part of her make-up for Season 4.

Marianne is shown running and appearing horrified in the photos, which were published by Mail Online.

The casting of Euphoria star Lukas Gage in a prominent role as Adam was confirmed by Netflix on February 17th, 2022.

On Twitter, the streamer wrote: “Gage portrays Adam, a warm, witty, and hard-partying son of a wealthy family who is known for not meeting their standards in Season 4 of @YouNetflix. When it comes to getting what you want, he learned from his parents that you should do whatever it takes.”

Do you think Adam is a friend or opponent of Joe’s?

Along with Charlotte Ritchie’s addition, many additional cast members, including the series’ new female lead Kate, have been confirmed for future episodes of the show.

Kate, the director of an art gallery, is described as “clever, independent, suspicious, missing nothing.”

Lady Phoebe (EastEnders star Tilly Keeper), her wild and renowned socialite best friend, is characterized as “a lovely and trustworthy lady whose extraordinary riches and popularity tend to draw opportunists.” She is protective of Lady Phoebe.

Kare is dating Malcolm, a party boy, and literary scholar, and when he welcomes Joe into their world, Kate is apprehensive. Could Joe’s collapse be brought about by Kate?

What will happen to Phoebe and Adam’s relationship?

Nadia is a literature student and writer who makes mistakes that put her in peril, played by EastEnders alum and Ackley Bridge star Amy Leigh-Hickman.

Finally, Downton Abbey veteran Ed Speelers joins the cast as author Rhys, who is under pressure to enter politics after making it through Oxford and mixing with the elite despite his humble upbringing. Having an intellect as brilliant as his, Joe would have been no match for him.

Nadia’s rival Edward, a son of a media tycoon, is played by Brad Alexander, while Sophie’s social media entrepreneur sister Aidan Cheng is played by Niccy Lin and Simon’s artist brother Simon is played by Aidan Cheng.

Ben Wiggins plays a dark-minded aristocrat named Roald; Eve Austin plays tone-deaf party girl Gemma; Ozioma When plays “Nigerian princess” and investor Blessing; Dario Coates plays a privileged friend of Kate and Phoebe named Connie; Alison Pargeter plays paparazzi photographer Dawn.

Sean Pertwee, best known for his role as the Joker in Gotham, plays Vic, Adam’s faithful personal driver, dealer, and bodyguard.

Elliot, a Californian with a large corporation who travels to Europe on an important mission, will be played by Adam James.

Dottie Quinn, played by Saffron Burrows, is now the sole surviving member of the Quinn family, and she may seek vengeance for her daughter Love if she discovers that Joe is alive.

It is possible that Elliot, the mysterious Elliot, was hired by Dottie to seek Joe down, but her appearance has not yet been confirmed.

The remaining cast members from earlier seasons could make a cameo, although Joe seems to have forgotten about most of them.

But we doubt Joe will be able to completely give up Henry.

Given that Guinevere Beck (Elizabeth Lail) made a postmortem cameo in Season 2, we doubt Joe would be able to forget about his late wife Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti) so quickly in Season 3. He may be haunted by the ghosts of love in the upcoming season?

We’ll just have to hope!

When Does You Season 4 Come Out
When Does You Season 4 Come Out

You Season 4 Plot

All three seasons of You so far have been loosely inspired by a book written by Caroline Kepnes (You in season 1, Hidden Bodies in season two), and You Love Me in season three (out in April 2021). You will return for a second season in the fall, but it is not yet known how much of Kepnes’ fourth book will be used as inspiration for this time around’s new season of the show.

Regardless, Joe Goldberg’s search for Marianne Bellamy continues in Europe in the new season. The two will inevitably cross paths again, but Joe appears to be on his way to joining a new circle of well-to-do persons.

The director of an art gallery, Kate, appears to be one person who becomes extremely significant to Joe.

However, it appears that Kate is not a naive victim of Joe and will soon piece out the truth about him.

Is Joe about to have the upper hand?

In the third season, Joe faked his death (by chopping off two of his toes! ), left his infant son Henry in the care of Dante and Lansing, and accused Love of their crimes before killing her with aconite and setting their house on fire. If you haven’t finished watching season three yet, please do not read any further because there will be spoilers ahead.

Victoria Pedretti told TVLine that she always understood that the season would not end well for her character, Love and that she was not surprised by her death. Early on in the season, I had a feeling [Love] wouldn’t survive. I expected she would die because I knew I wouldn’t be on the program for more than two seasons.

Love (and Victoria Pedretti, who portrays her) is unlikely to still be alive, but she (and Beck, who played her in season two) could return in Joe’s imagination to haunt him, just like Beck did.

Our You season 3 finale explainer is here if you’d want to learn more about how the series came to a close.

Penn Badgley, who plays murderer Joe in the smash Netflix series, recently spoke with Vulture about what he thinks should happen to him when the drama comes to an end at the end of season four.

Is punishment necessary, but what kind of punishment is most effective??” That death is nearly too easy for Joe, he explains, adding that he may be tortured (“he deserves it, but does someone deserve to have to do it?”) Joe’s irony is that death is almost too easy for him, he adds. in addition to being miserable for the rest of his life

Is There a Trailer for You Season 4?

Netflix released a teaser for season four on October 13th, 2021, with the tagline “YOU season four is in the [body] bag.”

To whet your appetite, we’ve got this:

There is so much we want to see!

You Season 4 Location

London, United Kingdom, will be the setting for You season 4.

Netflix verified the season’s location on social media following photographs of Penn Badgley filming sequences in London for the series.

As stated on your official Twitter page: “Joe’s back, and he’s back for a long time. If we can learn anything from his choice of reading material, it’s this: There is a chance that our son is no longer in Paris.”

They all take place in London, England, as shown in the photographs.

While the show’s first season was filmed in New York, the second season was shot in Los Angeles. To put it another way, Sera Gamble told Variety that “the sun-drenched color palette” may be noticed if you jump straight from Season 1 to Season 2. “The light in Los Angeles is creamier than it was in season one,” says a cast member.

Love and Joe’s picturesque mansion and Madre Linda’s imaginary hamlet of Madre Linda were both set in Los Angeles, where the third season of You was shot, as well as sites in the Los Angeles vicinity.

When Joe is in Paris looking for Marianne at the end of Season 3, the sequence was shot in Los Angeles with an Eiffel Tower backdrop.

However, because the show is now filming in London, England, it appears that this season of YOU will be very British in flavor.

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