Wednesday Ending Explained: Who Was The Mystery Hunter?

Wednesday Ending Explained: There have been months of hype leading up to its release, and finally, it’s available on Netflix today. We’re talking about Wednesday, Tim Burton’s new series that follows Wednesday Addams, the gloomy little girl with black braids who attends the Nevermore Academy, the world’s most renowned boarding school for misfits. Wednesday Addams, portrayed by Jenna Ortega, is the protagonist of this series, which veers between teen drama, fantasy, and dark mystery as it follows her exploits at the school for misfits.

Wednesday: Summary Recap

Wednesday (Jenna Ortega) was kicked out of school after she was caught with piranhas in the school pool in retaliation for her brother’s bullying by students. So, her parents, Morticia (Catherine Zeta-Jones) and Gomez, decide to enroll her in Nevermore Academy, the same high school they both, attended as teenagers. Everyone else seems to ignore her. She has a reliable Addams family member named Mano along with her. In other words, it’s a school for unusual students. However, something in the outside world has begun killing off the children.

In the minds of many, Tim Burton’s Wednesday was among the most anticipated shows of the year. If you’ve seen one of Barry Sonnenfeld’s films from the ’90s, you’ll remember Wednesday immediately. Wednesday’s costumes, hairstyle, and general aesthetic appearance have become part of popular culture, where the character’s strength lies. Wednesday Addams is someone everyone has at least heard of. Her cosplayers are easily identifiable, even in a large crowd. A series starring the young Addams family members can’t help but get noticed.

Because of Tim Burton’s involvement, interest in the Netflix show skyrocketed. The acclaimed filmmaker behind such films as Edward Scissorhands, 1989’s Batman, and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory has been away from the camera for quite some time. Recent flops like “Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children” and “Dumbo” did not bode well for Burton’s next phase of his career, and he has not been involved in a film project since 2019.

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Some say he’s an out-of-touch director who can’t keep up with the times, while others like him for his weird ideas. Wednesday, Addams could be the catalyst Tim needs to get back on track. Burton devotees will be among the first to tune in to the Netflix series, but I expect many young people will also tune in after Wednesday’s premiere if the show proves successful.

Wednesday Ending Explained: Who Was the Mysterious Stalker? Who Was the Real Killer?

First Wednesday has a vision of Tyler as the hyde, the creature responsible for the deaths of six characters throughout the series while they are passionately kissing. As a result, the female manages to catch him and force him to come clean. Her friends had come along to help, but after witnessing her abuse her lover without remorse on Wednesday, they began to distance themselves.

On Wednesday, after being uncovered by the authorities, she was ejected for assault, kidnapping, and torture. Now on a Wednesday, she has no one to turn to for help but Xavier, who thinks she is a “destructive” person who will destroy anything she tries her hand at. On Wednesday, she will begin making preparations to leave Nevermore permanently. Nonetheless, the young lady discovers the culprit.

Wednesday Ending Explained
Wednesday Ending Explained

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Unexpectedly, it focuses on Professor Marilyn, who murders Principal Weems after being framed for it and then kidnaps Wednesday to use her blood as a key to resurrecting one of her descendants and unleash havoc on the school and its inhabitants. As soon as he regains consciousness, the man stabs Wednesday, but the amulet she carries allows her ancestor Goody to revive her. Ultimately, Wednesday, the daughter of Morticia and Guzman, prevails over the monster resurrected by Marilyn with the help of Bianca, who stabs the beast in the back.

When Eugene arrives to aid Wednesday, he provokes a swarm of bees, which swarm upon Professor Marylin, who is trying to kill Wednesday with a pistol. In the final episode, Wednesday finishes his novel. In the final scene, we learn that Tyler is not dead but has been captured by an unknown party and that Wednesday is receiving threatening messages from a mysterious stalker on the cell phone Xavier gave her. We know Wednesday Addams’s story did not end here.

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