Undekhi Season 3: Release Date Status, Cast, Plot Renewal Status!

Undekhi Season 3: Sonyliv Release Date

The following is the schedule for the Season 3 debut of Undekhi on SonyLiv: UNDEKHI is a crime thriller and a Sonyliv Original Series. The second season ends on a cliffhanger, yet the story continues. The producers have stated their intention to produce a third season of the show, and we anticipate that this will occur in 2023. Season 3 of Undekhi is expected to premiere in 2023, according to our sources, though the producers have not yet announced the date or made the announcement publicly.

Season 2 leaves off on a cliffhanger, and there’s a lot more story to be told, so the show’s creators are working on Season 3, which is expected to premiere in 2023. Even while no official information about a Season 3 release date or announcement has been made by the creators as of yet, we have it on good authority that the creators are actively seeking funding for a new season, and that it will premiere in 2023. Very soon, an official announcement will be made.

Undekhi Season 3 Cast

The series’ ensemble cast consists of the following individuals:

  • Papaji is played by Harsh Chhaya.
  • DCP Ghosh is played by Dibyendu Bhattacharya.
  • Ayn Zoya As Saloni is a Turkish name for Ayn Zoya.
  • Sashwat is played by Sayandeep Sengupta.

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Performer Surya Sharma plays He’s playing the villainous Rinku on the show, and he uses the character’s explosive fury to great effect.
Daman, Rinku’s younger brother and the groom, is played by Ankura Rathi.

actor Anchal Singh portrays the groom, Teji. The entire ensemble of Undercover returned for the second season, with the exception of Abhishek Chouhan, who played the part of rishi, the photojournalist who was killed in the first season.

undekhi season 3 release date

Undekhi 2 Twitter Review 

Tweet from one of the users, showing how the service is used: His words were, “Everything was just magnificent and mind-blowing.” According to another user who is equally excited, “One of the best web series is back with its second season and it looks incredible.” A third individual chimed in, “Applause Entertainment’s upcoming Undekhi2 is a must-watch for everyone.” Another user observed, “It starts softly, but later on, it’s hammering on.” What a dramatic conclusion. “That whole Factory sequence was so much fun!”

.@Esha_Deol is perfectly acting comeback but she’s very impressive performance, @atul_kulkarni, #ashwinikalsekar, #TarunGahlot, @vikram_the_Leo & #satyadeepmisra is outstanding supporting casts. (2/4)

Streaming Available on @DisneyPlusHS. #Rudra

— Charmi Sangoi (@CharmiSan24) March 4, 2022

Undekhi Season 3 Plot

The series ends on a cliffhanger with the rishi’s death, but the story continues with Teji and Bibendum rescuing the tribal girl from Rinku’s trap.

Season 3 of the show is in the works, and we expect it to premiere in 2023, according to our sources. The producers have not yet announced when Season 3 will premiere, but we have been assured that this news will be forthcoming.

Undekhi Season 3 Trailer

As soon as the trailer is released by the Undekhi team’s developers, we will update the trailer. Check out the second season teaser below!

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