Tokyo Revengers Season 2: Released Date, Plotlines, And Cast

The second season of the anime series Tokyo Revengers has finally begun airing, following the tremendously successful first season. The much-anticipated continuation of Tokyo Revengers, Season 2, is now available.

On January 8, 2023, Disney + broadcast the first episode of the second season of Tokyo Revengers, which was titled “It Is What It Is.” On January 15, Tokyo Revengers Season 2 Episode 2 will debut. Scroll down to find out the total number of episodes and the release dates, titles, air times, and locations.

Tokyo Revengers Season 2 Episode Guide

An anime version of the manga series Tokyo Revengers created by Ken Wakui is called Tokyo Revengers. Toman, Moebius, and Valhalla’s manga arcs are covered in season one. The official Japanese title for Tokyo Revengers Season 2 is Tokyo Revengers: Seiya Kessen. The anime will air the Tokyo Revengers Christmas Showdown Arc in the upcoming season. The Black Dragons Arc is another name for the Christmas Showdown arc.

Tokyo Revengers Season 2
Tokyo Revengers Season 2

Tokyo Revengers Season 2 is scheduled to include 13 episodes, compared to the original season’s 24. The manga, which ran for five years, just ended. There will be two more arcs to adapt after the Christmas Showdown Arc. As a result, Tokyo Revengers has enough content and plotlines for different seasons.

The makers of Tokyo Revengers only selected the fourth arc for Season 2 because the Christmas Showdown Arc is sufficient for 13 episodes, and adding more hooks may be challenging. Thus, the fifth arc, the Tenjiku Arc, will take longer to be released in the anime adaptation.

Tokyo Revengers Season 2 Potlines

Takemichi Hanagaki, a young child, finds out one day that the Tokyo Manji Gang had killed Hinata Tachibana and her younger brother Naoto in the manga and anime series Tokyo Revengers. One day when Takemichi was making his way home from work, he was shoved onto the tracks of a train. Takemichi then goes back in time 12 years at that very instant. He joins a Tokyo gang to protect his friends’ life. This concludes Tokyo Revengers Season 1.

This may also consider the following:

Tokyo Revengers S2 will present Takemichi’s subsequent plot through the Christmas Showdown Arc following his return to the present. Takemichi learns once more that the Tokyo Manji Gang has expanded into a sizable criminal enterprise due to absorbing the Black Dragons, and his comrades continue to perish.

When he goes back in time, he discovers that Hakkai Shiba is forced to defect from the Tokyo Manji Gang and join the Black Dragons on the orders of his abusive older brother and the current leader of the Black Dragons, Taiju, a development that has an impact on the merger of the Tokyo Manji Gang and the Black Dragons.

In the first trailer for Tokyo Revengers: Christmas Showdown Arc, the cast was shown in still photos talking about traveling to Shibuya for gang activities. Also, essential images have been disclosed in Weekly Shounen Magazine Issue 49, 2022.

Tokyo Revengers Season 2 Cast

The most critical images showed that viewers would be introduced to some new characters in Tokyo Revengers Season 2. This features Junya Enoki as Inui Seisyu (voiced by Yuji Itadori in Jujutsu Kaisen), Natsuki Hanaeas Kokonoi Hajime (expressed by Tanjiro Kamado in Demon Slayer), and Tasuku Hatanaka as Hakkai Shiba (Denki Kaminari in My Hero Academia). Masaya Fukunishi will now provide the voice of Draken in favor of Tatsuhisa Suzuki.

MyAnimeList tweeted that Season 2 casts Masaaki Mizunaka (Tokyo Revengers). You can see below:

Tokyo Revengers Season 2 Release Dates

In January 2023, Tokyo Revengers Season 2 will be available. In 2023, a live-action version of a sequel will also have its Japanese premiere. In 2021, the anime film’s initial sequel was released. The new movie will premiere on several channels and at various times. Every Sunday or Monday is supposed to see the release of a new episode.

 Here’s the complete list of the Tokyo Revengers episode guide.

Episode 1: “It Is What It Is” (Sunday, January 8, 2023)

Episode 2: TBA (Sunday, January 15, 2023)

Episode 3: TBA (Sunday, January 22, 2023)

Episode 4: TBA (Sunday, January 29, 2023)

Episode 5: TBA (Sunday, February 5, 2023)

Episode 6: TBA (Sunday, February 12, 2023)

Episode 7: TBA (Sunday, February 19, 2023)

Episode 8: TBA (Sunday, February 26, 2023)

Episode 9: TBA (Sunday, March 5, 2023)

Episode 10: TBA (Sunday, March 12, 2023)

Episode 11: TBA (Sunday, March 19, 2023)

Episode 12: TBA (Sunday, March 26, 2023)

Episode 13: TBA (Sunday, April 2, 2023)

Tokyo Revengers Season 2 Timings

The second season of Tokyo Revengers will exclusively be available on Disney+. The series will be broadcast overseas one hour after it airs in Japan. Fans must be aware that Disney recently reached an agreement with Kodansha that grants Disney exclusive rights to simulcast the anime. This information is essential for those anticipating the show’s release on Crunchyroll, Netflix, and Bilibili as they did for Season 1. Fans may watch Tokyo Revengers Season 2 on Hulu because The Walt Disney Corporation owns a large portion. Here is a list of the times in various parts of the world.

JST – 2:08 AM (Monday)

ACDT – 4:38 AM (Monday)

PT – 10:08 AM (Sunday)

CT – 12:08 AM (Sunday)

ET – 1:08 PM (Sunday)

GMT/BST – 6:08 PM (Sunday)

IST – 11:38 PM (Sunday)

Stay tuned to to get more updates on the anime series.

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