The Black Phone 2 Release Date: Will There Be A Part 2 Of This Film?

The American supernatural hoɼɼor movie The Black Phone was written by C. Robert Cargill and Scott Derrickson, who acted as Jason Blum’s producers. It is an adaptation of the 2004 short story of the same name by Joe Hill.

The major actors in the film are Ethan Hawke, Madeleine McGraw, and Mason Thames. Do you want more details about the movie and whether a sequel is likely? If you’re interested in learning more about the subject, keep reading…

The Black Phone 2 Release Date

There is no announced release date for the Black Phone 2. But according to reports, there is no firm information about a sequel. In an interview with, Ethan Hawke, who portrayed the lead in the first movie, indicated interest in coming back for a sequel. He told:

“Joe Hill pitched me a wonderful idea for a sequel to The Black Phone that, if this movie does well, I’m gonna do it, He’s got a great idea, I really liked it. Joe’s very protective and personal about his material, but he came to me with the idea and I was like, ‘That’s how you do a sequel to Black Phone. That’s terrific,’”

The possibility of a sequel excites the director Scott Derrickson, but further details about its conceivable release date are needed. However, any sequel wouldn’t probably be released for at least another two years, especially when you take into account all the planning, filming, and editing time needed.

Specifically, this tweet is about The Black Phone 2:

We may therefore probably expect a new Black Phone movie in the summer of 2024, but we’ll let you know if anything changes.

Is There Any Confirmation of a Sequel to the Black Phone?

The Black Phone 2 Release Date
The Black Phone 2 Release Date

A sequel to The Black Phone has been discussed, though it has not yet been publicly confirmed. Although there is no verified information about a sequel, the lead actor and the director seem open to the thought.

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The Black Phone Story

The American supernatural hoɼɼor movie The Black Phone was written by C. Robert Cargill and Scott Derrickson, who acted as Jason Blum’s producers. Finney, a 13-year-old boy who is kidnapped and held captive in a soundproof basement by a child kidnapper, serves as the story’s main character.

He becomes stuck and starts getting calls on a disconnected phone from the kller’s previous victims. The young kid escapes and helps the other victims by using his phone. The movie’s themes of kidnapping and murdeɼ might be too upsetting for some viewers.

The Black Phone Cast

In the film The Black Phone, Mason Thames plays Finney, Madeleine McGraw portrays Gwen, Ethan Hawke portrays The Grabber, Jeremy Davies portrays Terrence, and E. Roger Mitchell portrays Detective Wright. The movie’s writers and directors are Jason Blum and Scott Derrickson, who also served as the project’s co-producers.

Until then, keep checking as we’ll keep you up to date on all the latest information as it becomes available.

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