Succession Season 4 Episode 3: Logan’s Health Crisis Looms Over the Roy Empire

Logan’s Loyalty Test and the Heart-Stopping Repercussions. In the most recent episode of HBO’s hit drama “Succession,” Logan puts Roman’s loyalty to the test on his way to a crucial business meeting. However, when a medical emergency occurs, the Roy siblings are forced to confront their complicated feelings toward their father, resulting in a heart-stopping fallout with major ramifications for their media empire’s future.

This article delves into the dramatic events of “Succession” Season 4 Episode 3 and examines the consequences of Logan’s loyalty test and medical emergency.

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Logan’s Loyalty Test

Roman is on his way to Connor and Willa’s wedding when he receives a call from Logan, who is about to board a plane with Tom to meet Matsson. Logan wants to fire Gerri and wants Roman to break the news to her. It’s obvious that this is a loyalty test, and Roman swallows hard and says he’ll do it. A brass band plays at the wedding as Willa tells her mother that they’ll take a boat to Ellis Island for the ceremony.

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Connor becomes irritated when he overhears some guests complaining about the ultra-rich, while Roman musters the courage to approach Gerri. Gerri notices he’s acting strangely right away, and after a brief pause, he announces that she’s been fired. Logan holds her responsible for what happened with the Department of Justice and the large fine they had to pay, but she claims she worked her tail off for him.

Succession Season 4 Episode 3
Succession Season 4 Episode 3

Roman assures her that she will be adequately compensated and attempts to apologize, but an enraged Gerri storms off, leaving Roman to leave his father a voicemail: “Are you just being s-tty to me?… Is it true that you are a cunt?” Let’s check out if there will be a 2nd episode of Art Of Crime Season 6.

Logan’s Medical Emergency

Shiv ignores several phone calls from Tom as Kendall arrives and Connor complains about the “inadequate” wedding cake. Connor is still hoping Logan will stop by, unaware that he is on a flight overseas, and Kendall and Roman offer Shiv to inform him. But then Tom calls Roman from the plane and informs him that something is wrong with Logan: “He’s very sick.”

They discovered him unresponsive in the bathroom and are performing chest compressions. The flight crew is attempting to revive him, but Frank places his phone to Logan’s ear so Kendall and Roman can talk to their father “in case it’s the last chance.” Logan is told by a shell-shocked Roman, “You’re a demon. “You’re going to win,” Kendall says, choking up: “I love you.” I do… I am unable to forgive you.

But it’s fine, and I love you.” Kendall tells Shiv, then runs to the phone, crying, and tells Logan, “I love you… don’t go, please not now.” “He’s not OK, no,” Tom responds. Logan’s heart and breathing have both stopped, according to Tom.

Reactions Of The Roy Siblings

Kendall yells into the phone that he needs Logan’s doctor and “the best f-king heart doctor in the world” and that he needs them right now. He also insists on speaking with the pilot, but Frank says softly, “He’s flying the plane, son.” When Kendall asks if Logan is dead, Frank says, “I think he went.”

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Kendall sobs and hangs up the phone, and Shiv is upset that no one told her sooner. They realize they need to tell Connor because Roman is dazed and can’t remember what he said to Logan (“Did I say I loved him?”). They take him aside and inform him that Logan may be dead. “So, is he?” Connor responds coldly, working through his complex feelings about his father before declaring that he can’t handle this right now and walking away.

 The Fallout

Roman still wants proper doctors to examine Logan; he hasn’t been officially declared dead yet, so “f-king stop!” he says. Karolina begins to prepare for the worst on the plane, and Kerri is visibly shaken.

Conclusion: Logan’s Loyalty Test and medical emergency shook the Roy family. Logan expects his children to be loyal, even if it means firing a longtime family attorney, as shown by the loyalty test. The medical emergency has left the Roy siblings in shock, especially Kendall, who breaks down on the phone while talking to his dying father.

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