When Is Saving The Manor Episode 8 Release Date?

Saving The Manor Episode 8: Saving The Manor would be a great addition to the roster of home improvement shows that viewers enjoy. The series was created by Dean Poulton and his business partner, Borja De Maqua, and chronicles their efforts to restore a mansion that had belonged to King Henry VII. The pair decided to make it their mission to fix up the place and return it to its former grandeur because of the sentimental value it formerly held for them.

This Warwickshire manor is composed of five distinct wings and 65 individual rooms. There is a separate cottage for the caretaker, a two-story home for the servants, a main house, formal gardens, and stables. The series opens with the couple giving up their Airbnb business to focus on their home renovation. They started in the hayloft of the stable and by the end of the seventh season, they had completely redone the mansion.

It was on October 7th, 2022 that Saving The Manor first aired. The couple decided to tape their renovations for a show in the hopes of raising enough money to finish the project. The marriage is well-balanced, with Borja providing amazing ideas and Dean understanding just how to implement them.

Borja handles the concrete work, while Dean handles the woodworking. HGTV, the network known for documentaries and reality shows about remodelling and decorating homes, picked up the series. We follow the pair as they risk their life savings to restore a manor that had lain empty for a century.

Saving The Manor Episode 7 Recap

The pair may be seen working on the bar building and the central part of the manor in the prior episode, “Courtyard Jester,” which aired on November 18th, 2022. Since every room looks out into it, it’s essential that it remain in pristine condition. They get in touch with their trusted sandblaster, and it quickly removes the flaking paint from the brick walls. This gives the wall a sturdy appearance, and this style appears to be carried throughout these rooms.

As old buildings were very different from new ones, Dean had to use unusual angles to cut the wood for the panelled ceilings. After that, they visit a local timber store to purchase some oak timbers for the kitchen island. Dean adds new glasses he bought for 5 pounds and fixes the cabinet doors. Borja makes a wooden egg holder by drilling holes into a plank.

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Saving The Manor Episode 8 Release Date

The eighth episode of Season 1 of Saving The Manor will premiere on November 25, 2022. New episodes of Saving The Manor, one of the most popular shows right now, are consistently being released. Fans have been searching for information on Saving The Manor Season 1 Episode 8 because of the compelling storyline, which we have summarised for them above.

Saving The Manor Episode 8
Saving The Manor Episode 8

Saving The Manor Season 1 Episode 8 On OTT Platforms

As online platforms open the way for the OTT release of series and movies, they have become some of the most popular means of watching series. Binge viewers have been able to watch more episodes of their favourite shows than ever before because to the proliferation of convenient internet streaming options. The eighth episode of Season 1 of Saving the Manor is also available online.

Saving The Manor Episode 8: Where To Watch?

At 10:00 p.m. ET/9:00 p.m. CT, the show airs only on HGTV. Saving the manor is also available to watch on demand at Prime Video, YouTube TV, or Discovery+. Viewers from the UK can watch the show on Discovery+ as well. The remodelling series is available on 9now for Australian viewers.

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