Ripd 2: Rise Of The Damned Release Date And How To Watch

RIPD 2: Rise of The Damned: Releasing nearly a decade after the original, R.I.P.D. : Rest in Peace Department is back in theatres with its supernatural action comedy sequel. Like its 2013 predecessor, the box office flop R.I.P.D. 2: Rise of the Damned is a spiritual sequel.

Fans were not optimistic that the franchise would continue after the first film starring Ryan Reynolds and Jeff Bridges bombed at the box office. The makers, however, had other ideas and are about to release R.I.P.D. 2. Everything you need to know about the movie is listed below.

R.I.P.D. 2: Rise of The Damned Release Date And How To Watch

Digital releases of R.I.P.D. 2: Rise of the Damned on DVD and Blu-ray will begin in the United States on November 15. The movie isn’t opening in theaters, so if you want to see it, you’ll have to buy the DVD or Blu-ray and watch it at home.

Based on information provided by What’s on Netflix, it appears that the film will be made available for streaming on Netflix on November 15, the same day it is released digitally. R.I.P.D. 2 may also be available for purchase or rental on other platforms, such as Amazon Prime Video, shoppingmode Google Play Movies, and the Apple Store. likewise, now we can see people searching for RIPD 2: Rise of The Damned

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Is The Original Cast Returning For The Sequel?

R.I.P.D. 2 will not feature any of the original cast members. Sheriff Roy Pulsipher is played by Jeffrey Donovan, with Penelope Mitchell playing Jeanne, Richard Brake as Otis, Kerry Knuppe as Hano, Jake Choi as Slim, Richard Fleeshman as Angus, Nóra Trokán as Nell, Craige Els as Julius Butterfield, and Tilly Keeper as Charlotte Pulsipher.

Movie summary: “The Wild West has gone to Hell, literally, and the world’s best hope of being saved lies in the gun-slinging hands of Sheriff Roy Pulsipher as he becomes the newest officer for the Rest In Peace Department enforcing the afterlife’s laws.”

Check out the central cast and their respective roles below:

  • Jeffrey Donovan as Sheriff Roy Pulsipher
  • Penelope Mitchell as Jeanne
  • Richard Brake as Otis
  • Kerry Knuppe as Hano
  • Jake Choi as Slim
  • Richard Fleeshman as Angus
  • Nóra Trokán as Nell
  • Craige Els as Julius Butterfield
  • Tilly Keeper as Charlotte Pulsipher
  • Stephanie Levi-John as Beverley
  • Nick Wittman as Zeke Samuels
  • Robert Jackson as US Marshal
  • Rachel Adedeji as Mabel
  • Evlyne Oyedokun as Mathilde
  • Máté Bede-Fazekas as Tommy

Richard Fleeshman:

The upcoming film will star this English actor in the role of Angus. His breakout role came in the form of Craig Harris on the British soap opera “Coronation Street,” which he played from 2002 to 2006.

To play the lead role of Kyle Caddick in the 2009 BBC series “All the Small Things,” he was cast. In 2022, he made a recurring appearance as Ken on the fantasy drama series The Sandman.

Tilly Keeper:

Tilly Keeper, an English actress, will play Charlotte Pulsipher in the film. Her role as Louise Mitchell on the British soap opera ‘EastEnders’ ran from 2016 to 2020, and she was a mainstay of the show throughout that time.

RIPD 2 Rise of The Damned
RIPD 2 Rise of The Damned RIPD 2: Rise of The Damned

She starred as Lady Phoebe on the fourth season of the 2022 psychological thriller series You. likewise, now we can see people searching for RIPD 2: Rise of The Damned

Jake Choi:

In the follow-up film, Slim will be played by American actor Jake Choi. Front Cover, Wolves, Money Monster, Ms. Purple, The Sun Is Also a Star, Definition Please, Please Baby Please, etc. are just a few of the movies he’s been in.

Single Parents, a sitcom, cast him as the lead role of Miggy Park from 2018 to 2020. The ABC sitcom “American Housewife,” in which she played as a regular character named J. D. in 2021.

R.I.P.D. 2: Rise of The Damned Plot

The story appears to take place in the American West in 1876. Rest in Peace Department (RIPD) is the focus of this show about the late Sheriff Roy Pulsipher. Roy was killed in a gun battle with a vicious criminal gang.

But when he’s picked up by R.I.P.D., he has a second shot at going home. But as a portal to hell opens in Red Creek, an old mining town that threatens all of humanity, he sees that exacting revenge for his own murder won’t be so simple.

R.I.P.D. 2: Rise of The Damned Trailer

Universal Pictures debuted the film’s trailer a month ago, reintroducing Sheriff Roy Pulsipher after he was taken to the afterlife. There, he teams up with his new ally, Jeanne, to take against the forces of evil in Hades. likewise, now we can see people searching for RIPD 2: Rise of The Damned

The Sheriff plans to visit his daughter and investigate his own death. In the meantime, he has to battle a demon that is on a mission to break down a portal to hell. View the teaser video below.

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