Outer Banks Season 3: Latest News, Release Date Status, Cast, and Everything We Know About!

We haven’t seen John B. (Chase Stokes) and his band of treasure hunters in over eight months. Netflix’s Outer Banks returned for a second season last summer, but the cast was quick to reveal that the show had been renewed for a third season. OBX hasn’t had a tonne of information revealed about it, but we’ll keep you updated as we wait for the return of our favorite Pogues.

Pogues, a gang of working-class North Carolina teens, are the focus of the buzzy teen drama, which is set on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. When John B. and his pals go out on a voyage to find out what happened to his father, they encounter the “Kooks,” the town’s affluent elite, who turn what was supposed to be a fun adventure into a dangerous treasure hunt.

‘Outer Banks’ Season 1 began on April 20, 2020, with Season 2 following on July 30, 2021. Everything we know about Outer Banks Season 3 so far.

Latest News

On February 28, Outer Banks’ official social media platforms announced that Season 3 production has commenced.

Outer Banks Season 3 Potential Release Date: When Will We Get More Episodes?

The good news for the Pogues is good news! In December 2021, the third season of Outer Banks was confirmed, and now we’re simply waiting to see when it will air.

Several members of the cast appeared in a video released to Twitter, yelling, “From Poguelandia, season three, baby!”

In a February 2022 Instagram post from Netflix, the streaming giant stated that the Pogues were back in action and that season three production had commenced. All of our favorite cast members, including Madelyn Cline, Chase Stokes, Madison Bailey, Rudy Pankow, Jonathon Daviss, Carlacia Grant, and Drew Starkey, were included in the adorable photo.

The caption for this photo was: “You can’t call or text me. Poguelandia is a service-free zone. The production of OBX 3 has resumed.”

As of this writing, the first season premiered in April 2020, and the follow-up was released in July 2021, a year apart. Season two’s filming began in August 2020 and was completed in April 2021, according to our sources. We should anticipate seeing Outer Banks again in late 2022, taking into account the eight months of manufacturing time.

Hopefully, this isn’t the show’s final episode.

Outer Banks creator Jonas Pate has previously hinted that the show could continue for another four or five seasons, but Netflix ultimately has the final say.

For as long as Pate has been involved in the show, “we always envisioned it as a four-season or five-season show, but four seasons,” he said. “We’ve got a long way down the road. I simply hope that we get the opportunity to share their stories.”

Chase Stokes has also stated his intention to continue playing John B in OBX for the foreseeable future, which is fantastic news for all of us OBX supporters.

“You know, I’d love to keep it running, but the response to it is a deciding factor. We’d like to see people fall in love with the Outer Banks, not just the Pogues, as they did last year, and we’re hoping the same thing will happen this year “The cosmopolitan UK spoke with Stokes.

Outer Banks Season 3 Cast: Who Will Return?

All of the key characters will be returning for season three, now that production has begun. Rumors of Madelyn Cline’s departure after her split from on-screen (and now formally off-screen) companion Chase Stokes were swirling.

John B, who plays John B, and Sarah Cameron, who plays Sarah Cameron, began dating in June of 2020 and were together for one year.

Rumors of a third season were shattered when Cline made her feelings known in a now-deleted Instagram story, putting an end to the speculation.

When she posted a selfie on Instagram, the 24-year-old wrote the following:

Hi! I’m getting a lot of questions about whether or not season 3 of Oblivion is my last. Any number of seasons they want me back are fair game. It’s an honor to do what I do, and I’m thankful to everyone who has supported me along the way. It’s important to remember that not everything you read online is factually correct.”

So, it’s a relief, because it appears that Sarah’s storyline is far from over.

A quote from the actress of Knives Out 2:

As a mother, I want her to be content. To see her blossom is something I eagerly await. That would be great for Sarah’s story arc, in my opinion.”

In her words: “I want to see what she and John B have to work out after this.” I’m interested to see how she gets along with her adopted family. We might be able to learn more about her and Kie’s relationship. If she tries hard enough, you might be able to catch her at Pogue High School. See if she can find a job.

It was an exhilarating season. So, if the show gets a third season [which we now know it will!], I think it will be even better than the first two seasons. [Sarah] is a character I’d like to learn more about.”

All of the primary characters were shown in Netflix’s confirmation post, as previously mentioned. Chase Stokes (John B), Madison Bailey (Kiara), and Rudy Pankow (JJ) are all expected to join Cline for the upcoming season. Pogues for life.

In season 4, Carlacia Grant, who played Cleo in season three, has been promoted to a series regular. Drew Starkey will reprise his role as Rafe.

There will also be a return for Charles Esten (Ward), Austin North (Topper), and Cullen Moss (Sheriff Shoupe).

There’s always the possibility of seeing some fresh faces.

Outer Banks Cast Season 3
Outer Banks Cast Season 3

Outer Banks Season 3 Plot: How Could Season 2’s Ending Effect What Happens Next?

Season two’s Outer Banks ending was certainly a surprise.

After reuniting with the Pogues in Charlotte, Sarah and John B continued their search for the treasure. The gang evaded Ward, Rafe, and Carla (the possibility of death is never far away from this lot!)

Sarah’s family, the Camerons, had stolen the Pogues’ recently acquired gold cross during a spectacular cargo ship encounter. As the group narrowly escaped death once more, they skipped ship and ended up on a barren island.

Finally, Carla made her way to meet with John B’s father, whom many considered to be dead – but clearly, he isn’t! He promised to assist in the search for the Shroud of Turin (the miraculous healing fabric that was supposed to be hidden under the gold cross), but in return, she was required to assist John B and his associates.

If we get a third season, we should anticipate the chase to continue, with viewers wondering if John B will ever meet his still-living father.

‘John B’s relationship with his father is a significant subject,’ Pate told Entertainment Weekly. When John B’s father returns, he’ll have to reconcile his idealized image of his deceased father with the reality of his alive father.
“It’s going to be instrumental and maybe the spine [of season three] really,” said writer Shannon Burke.

If showrunner Josh Pate has his way, it looks like audiences may be in for a memorable moment after all. An important element for season three will be “John B’s relationship with his dad,” he said in an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

For John B to reconcile his idealized vision of his dead father with the reality of his surviving father, Pate explained, “having his dad around and eventually they’re going to meet back up.” Because of this, we’ll have a lot of father-son material to work with.

“It’s going to be instrumental and maybe the spine [of season three] really,” said writer Shannon Burke. The third season will be heavily influenced by this major revelation,” he said.

‘John B,’ played by actor Chase Stokes, has talked up about his thoughts on the future of this disclosure.

It wasn’t like [Big John’s death] was the result of some sort of natural disaster, as he remarked to TV Line, “I’m hoping to continue to tell the tale for a couple of more seasons. His decision to leave his son was his own, so what does that look like? In the face of a parent who has abandoned their child and has no idea what has happened in the interim, what does it look like for a child?

Despite all of the positive buzz, TV Line reports that the showrunners of Outer Banks do not have a “master plan” for the next third season, even though they do have a general notion of the topics they hope to explore.

In terms of the show’s approach, this sounds like a typical day at the office. Season two’s return of Big John was anything but inevitable while it was being planned.

Gravity Falls Season 3 Release Date Status, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know!

‘We knew we had that card in the deck,’ Jonas Pate told TV Line. It wasn’t until the sixth or seventh episode of this year’s writing that we realized we might be able to pull it off.”
As Pate explained in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, “It was always an idea lingering about and thematically, it sets up some topics we want to explore in the third season.”

There were a few alternate endings shot for the first season since Pate and his team weren’t 100% sure, and there were a few on this season as well that Pate and his team didn’t use. In the end, “sometimes you simply don’t know until you put it together, and that’s part of our process, trial, and error.” ”
The Pogues were stranded on that deserted island in the second episode, along with their newest member, Cleo. Regardless of how or if they manage to escape, fans will be watching in anticipation.

According to the show’s producers, the gang isn’t going to give up so easily on their excursions to find the items.

Pate also mentioned in the same EW interview that “the treasure search will expand, and the mythology around the treasure hunt will deepen and get deeper.”.

In addition, he said that the staff behind the scenes is “very excited” about how things will “grow” in season three.

While the Pogues are stranded on their island, Poguelandia, we can expect love to bloom between the two of them. Pate, the show’s executive producer, said that they were “immediately open” to the concept that fans who ship JJ and Kiara will be particularly delighted next season.

A season three where they “get to genuinely get to know each other in a very true sense” would be “very wonderful,” actor Madelyn Cline told Entertainment Tonight (via Newsweek).

In her opinion, “they’ve been married for a long time, yet they don’t know anything about each other.”

Even though we haven’t heard anything from Chase Stokes directly, we can assume that he’s hinting that John B got married too quickly.

John B seems to cling to many of the individuals in his life. A lot more co-dependent than he gives himself credit for, according to Stokes, who spoke to TV Line. “Sarah has become a vital part of his life.” What we’re told by society is that if we put a shiny trinket on the finger of someone we like, we should keep them around. ‘The only way to make it official is to appear in court.’

This is perfectly understandable when you’re young, in love, and completely engrossed at the moment. It has been difficult for him to maintain a consistent level of performance, however. His father has been gone for a long time, so he needs to have a source of stability in his life. But, you know, for a kid who’s been through so much tragedy, it comes from the right place, you know what I mean. “Perhaps the correct idea came at the wrong time.”

It has been revealed that Carlacia Grant (who portrays Cleo), a newcomer to the show, wishes to see more romance and character development in the future.

If the rumor about Cleo and the Pope is true, she told the publication, “I’ll be intrigued to see what happens.”

“Also, I’d like to learn more about Cleo’s past. I, for one, am eager to learn more about her and where she came from. She needs to be badass, and I mean that in the most positive way possible.

Outer Banks Season 3 Trailer: Where Can I Watch It?

Unfortunately, there isn’t a trailer available at this time because filming is currently ongoing. As soon as a release date has been set, we’ll be eagerly awaiting the trailer.

We’ll keep you informed as soon as we learn more if you bookmark this page.

Guys, you’ll reap the rewards of your patience! Particularly in regards to the Outer Banks. So, for the time being, you may binge-watch seasons 1 and 2 on Netflix at will.

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