One Of Us Is Lying Season 3 Potential Release Date

One Of Us Is Lying season 3: The second season of Peacock’s One of Us Is Lying began on October 20th, and while high school murder mysteries abound, none have been as fascinating as this one. Following five Bayview High School students who arouse suspicions when they are in detention, and only four walks out alive, this whodunit thriller is based on Karen M. McManus’ New York Times best-selling novel of the same name. Addy (Annalisa Cochrane), Cooper (Chibuikem Uche), Bronwyn (Marian Tejada), and Nate (Cooper van Grootel) made it through the numerous attempts on their lives in Season 1. However, with a Simon Says-style killer on the loose in Season 2, who knows how many of them will be alive for a possible Season 3.

Fans shouldn’t be put off by the fact that Peacock hasn’t announced a third season of One of Us Is Lying for One of Us Is Lying. The first season was based on McManus’s suspense novel from 2017, while the second season was based on the sequel, One of Us Is Next. The third novel, One of Us Is Back, will be published by McManus in 2023. Since the streamer will have access to the source material by next year, it’s probable that Peacock will want to finish the trilogy and continue with its high school thriller.

One Of Us Is Lying Season 3 Potential Release Date

If Season 3 of Peacock does go forward, fans won’t see any new episodes until late 2023, after the release of McManus’s third book in the series. Season 3 of the show could premiere in 2023 if the book is released that year.

The first season debuted in October 2020, then a year later, in October 2021, Season 2 arrived on Peacock. The third season may premiere in October 2023 if the production schedule can keep up with the demand.

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One of Us Is Lying Season 3 Plot

One of the central members of the Bayview crew is presumed lost in the brief plot summary for book three in the series, titled One of Us Is Back. Someone’s unwanted return to high school only makes matters worse. While specifics are unknown, Season 3 will likely continue in this vein.

One of Us Is Lying Season 3 Cast

Character continuity is often an issue on murder mystery shows. Cooper Van Grootel told Paste Magazine that everyone’s lives were again in danger. The risks are more significant now, he explained. As one character said, “Our feelings must go through this again? I can’t believe this is occurring once more.

One Bayview’s main characters may not survive next season if the stakes are increased. There have been rumors that the upcoming book will feature the mysterious disappearance of one of the group’s members. Now that it seems like Addy, Cooper, Bronwyn, and Nate will all survive the season, we can expect to see a significant death occur to a secondary character like Janae (Jessica McLeod) or Maeve (Melissa Collazo) shortly.

How Did The Previous Season of One of Us Is Lying End?

In the second season of One of Us Is Lying, viewers were treated to the series’ finest ending yet, and many more show episodes were enjoyed. Flashbacks of Jake and Fiona’s conversation about what led to Fiona stabbing her teacher opened the season two finale.

One Of Us Is Lying season 3
One Of Us Is Lying season 3

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Cole sees Fiona in jail at the end of episode 8 and asks her about Jake’s decision to kill Simon. Cole is shocked to hear Fiona claim that Simon may have been Jake’s rehab visit impetus. After the credits rolled, there was a dramatic cliffhanger in which the setting shifted to college graduation day, where blood was strewn about, and another crime scene had been established.

How Many Episodes Will Be There In One Of Us Is Lying Season 3?

There were eight episodes in the first season of One of Us Is Lying, and there will be eight in the second season, both of which are available on Netflix right now. The third season of One of Us Is Lying, if renewed, would likely also consist of eight episodes, though there’s always the chance that the number will increase.

One of Us Is Lying Season 3 Trailer

there hasn’t been yet Trailer for Season 3 of “One of Us Is Lyin.g”

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