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Every year anime brings more and more income. It was noticeable even in covid times, but let’s think about how the animators and everyone involved felt. The local artists are starting to make some decent money too. That happened recently as before no one even was talking about this. If you want to check the other worlds, try the full-fledged gambling platform and test your might.


This is true? The first problem with answering this question is that there is no fixed pay in the entire anime industry. It all depends on individual studios and employers negotiating budgets with individual contractors. In an industry that relies on freelancers and outsourced studios. It is often based overseas and its average rates are lower than those of its Japanese counterparts. This means that wage increases depend on the outcome of negotiations, not pressure. from external forces or the state.

Communication with contractors currently working in the industry paints a mixed picture. Perhaps the best way to describe the situation is as follows. Some artists may negotiate higher payouts for some projects depending on the state of the release’s budget and overall schedule.

As anime production slowly conquered the hearts of fans from different parts of the world. So as the production and the costs grow. So that several decades ago nobody in the USA would ever think that one episode of anime would cost thousands of dollars. Moreover, recent buyers from Netflix and Disney, showed that they might cost even more. Another question is how it will be shown to the public community. As at least what we have seen was definitely not the best choice to watch.

Leadership positions have benefited the most from fiscal inflation due to Japan’s recent labor reform policies. This has led to a better attitude towards positions that are usually held by full-time employees such as managers. Most animators are hired as contractors, which means they cannot benefit from government reform.

But even a large number of complaints does not mean that no one sees the benefit of the government’s decision. Leaders just pocket all the money. Different studios are in great demand for more funds for several reasons. Their essence is as follows. There happened to be a growing awareness of the industry’s challenges. Also, they are trying to use recent technologies and become more digital. Their product would definitely rise in price as the latest technologies are not that cheap. Besides, the demand for anime quality grows with the technologies so not every studio can compete.

Many managers do not know a simple idea that money makes the world go round. that causes lots of problems in the accounting sphere for the company. It is no wonder, as the accountant is a profession that is not taught at school. So not all people are willing to learn it even for themselves. Moreover, they only care about living paycheck to paycheck. So when they run out of money, they agree to work on a new anime project in order to get paid in advance. Then they have production problems and the workplace turns into hell. The root of labor problems in the anime industry lies in the inability of managers to plan ahead and achieve financial results.

So Who Can Earn Money?

As stated at the beginning of this article, some artists may negotiate higher payouts. This will depend on the state of the released budget and the overall schedule. But who are these artists? According to Tadashi Sudou, the changes are mostly in the understaffed professions, and the crappiness of the situation varies from animator to animator. Although the working conditions of entry-level animators working as employees of large studios have improved significantly, the main challenge is to close all existing organizational gaps.

With the anime overproduction crisis, animators are becoming an increasingly valuable workforce. FAR’s freelance translator and production coordinator say production managers are under a lot of pressure to bring in as much talent as possible. He is known for his contributions to the Wonder Egg Priority anime. They are significantly more desperate and much less experienced in negotiating and managing finances, meaning that for the first time in the history of the industry, animators may begin to have the upper hand in price-per-frame negotiations.

One worker is said to have negotiated a rate three times the normal rate. It takes savvy and a willingness to forgo the initial amount, but experienced artists who know what they’re worth can afford to stand their ground from the start.

At the same time, individual animators should not be held responsible for negotiating their share of the budget. Such a system is disappointing because it means that there is money, but no one plans to raise the salary of everyone, so they simply make concessions to individual candidates.

Even with a higher budget, the money will not reach the lower production chains if no one takes responsibility for it. For standard rates to go up, production committees in charge of funding need to understand the importance of labor costs early on and take everything into account early on.

It’s easy to read stories like this and get bored, but don’t forget that there are reformers inside the country who fight and don’t give up. The growing international attention to this issue is one of the important factors in the process of negotiations behind closed doors. If you, as a fan, want to help the current situation, share information and support community initiatives.

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