Malignant 2 Release Date: What Is The Plot of Malignant 2?

Malignant 2: Madison (Annabelle Wallis), who has a dark secret, was first introduced to us in Malignant. Her metal sibling Gabriel, who looks like a tumour growing on the back of her head, is a ruthless plotter with designs on her body and the lives of everyone in it. Madison ultimately defeated Gabriel in Malignant. We expect more, though.

Malignant 2 Release Date

Since Warner Bros. has not given the go ahead for “Malignant 2,” there is no set release date for the film as of yet. If a sequel does get made, though, it would make a lot of sense for Warner Bros. to release it later in the fall, around the Halloween season.

As the month of October has become synonymous with horror series like “Halloween,” “Paranormal Activity,” and James Wan’s own creation, “Saw,” it would make financial sense to release the second “Malignant” film during the scariest month of the year.

However, James Wan is also a well-established attraction at the box office at this time, so it’s possible that the release date for “Malignant 2” may be shifted from September to the summer. Although there is currently no proof of this happening, there is considerable history to support the possibility. The first “Insidious” movie came out in April, and both “The Conjuring” movies directed by James Wan did well when they were released in the summer.

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Who Is In The Cast of Malignant 2?

Despite the elaborate ruse involving Madison’s sister and biological mother in the film’s climax, most of the film’s primary characters survive Gabriel’s relentless killing spree throughout “Malignant.”

This leads one to believe that Annabelle Wallis as Madison, Maddie Hasson as Sydney, and Susanna Thompson as Jeanne could return in the event that “Malignant 2” is made and centres on the same people. Also up for consideration is a comeback appearance by George Young as Kekoa Shaw and Michole Briana White as Regina Moss.

Even if it continued to centre on the original core cast, a sequel to “Malignant” would almost probably need to introduce new characters. Gabriel’s rage at being imprisoned would make him hungrier for blood if he were to escape from Madison’s skull. This means that “Malignant 2” will require its own version of characters like Zoe Bell’s Scorpion, who are defenceless prey for Gabriel to shred once he assumes power.

What Is The Plot of Malignant 2?

Malignant 2 hasn’t been officially greenlit just yet, although the ending of the first film allows room for a continuation. Finally, in the climactic scenes of “Malignant,” Madison regains control of her body from Gabriel and locks him in the mental prison from which he released her. Gabriel promises that he will escape the snare she has set for him someday, but she assures him that she is prepared for that day.

Malignant 2
Malignant 2

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Whether or not a sequel to “Malignant” is made, it will almost certainly deal with the fallout from Gabriel’s initial rampage. Now that Madison and her biological mother have been reunited, there is room to delve deeper into Gabriel’s torment of the two of them before the events of the first film.

The only real question is how Gabriel would break away and regain power, and whether or not that would undermine Madison’s initial success. Although “Malignant” is not expected to be a smashing success, all eyes will be on director James Wan, who has a history of turning unexpected horror hits into franchises with films like “The Conjuring” and “Insidious.”

Malignant 2 Trailer

No Malignant 2 trailer has been released as of yet.

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