Luffy Height: How Tall is Luffy After Timeskip?

For starters, let’s look at some well-known figures’ heights and see how they stack up. In the pirate universe, the dwarfs in the main character’s team have the least important jobs.

Mansherry, the daughter of Dwarf King Dong Tata, has the power to restore the fruit’s health. She needs to be the cartoon’s shortest protagonist. They only measure 15CM tall. Leo, leader of the dwarf clan Dongtata, commands the Straw Hat Great Fleet’s fifth division. At 23 centimetres, he’s not particularly tall.

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Now, let’s take a look at Luffy’s height of 174 centimetres. Luffy’s height is around average for the Pirate World, with girls dominating the extremes. Sanji’s older sister, Leiju, is the eldest daughter of the Vinsmoke family. She enjoys toxic substances greatly on a personal level.

Luffy Height
Luffy Height

Very Toxic Powder is her nickname, and she stands at 5 feet 8 inches tall. Joe Ellie Bonney is a stunning female character who shares Luffy’s height of 174 centimetres. She prefers long, straight pink hair and denim shorts. Wai Dibe is tall for a Thai, with long hair and full lips.

Here is the height of someone else: Boya Han Cook is 191 centimetres tall. I bring up this queen because the author seems to think she and Luffy would get along well.

Luffy is of average height for his generation’s characters.

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