Loki Season 2 Potential Release Date Status, Cast, Plot and Everything You Know So Far!

No matter where you encounter Loki, you’ll always find one thing in common: they’re always driven to survive no matter what.

The Marvel TV series, starring Tom Hiddleston, is returning for a second season.

In July 2021, Hiddleston reacted to the news by telling Marvel.com: “I’m so glad we got to do season one; I’m not sure I’m ready to accept the fact that we’ll be doing it again. I’m giddy with the prospect of what could be. We’ve already started talking about it. Discussions that go on and on and on. What an exciting opportunity awaits.”

The Loki star also made the following remark: “We wouldn’t have been able to produce a second season without the support of our fans. Season one had better have a lot of twists and turns in it. Season two, in my opinion, will have even more of these moments.”

It was only seconds after the first season finished that we received official word of this development; as a result, we must either work out a deal with the TVA to travel back in time (though we doubt they’ll agree) or else wait for it out.

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Loki Season 2 Potential Release Date on Disney+: When Can We See It?

No official release date has been announced for Loki’s second season as of May 2022, even though season two is unquestionably on the way.

According to the industry publication Production Weekly, the second season was scheduled to begin filming in January 2022, although Marvel hasn’t confirmed this on social media or its website.

That might mean everything from ‘the script is presently being written’ to ‘Tom Hiddleston is finishing up his scenes already’, but Marvel Studios’ Kevin Feige told Collider in August 2021 that season two was already “underway.”

Even so, we do know that season two is about to get underway courtesy of a recent Deadline interview Squeeeeee!

Don’t squeal, however, because you’ll wake the neighbors. We are still months and months away from a release date, so it’s nice to see things moving forward, but we’re unlikely to see a new series before the end of the year.

As a reference, the first season of the show premiered in June of 2021, and at this rate, it won’t be released until the beginning of 2023 if the heavy post-production special effects are included.

Loki Season 2 Cast: Who Will Be in It?

In true Marvel fashion, they are keeping their intentions for the second season of Loki under wraps. As a result, no one has been confirmed to be joining the team for the next round of time-traveling adventures.

Because Loki wouldn’t be Loki without Tom Hiddleston on board, of course.

However, in December 2021, Gugu Mbatha-Raw confessed that she had no idea what was ahead for her character, Ravonna Renslayer.

She confessed, “Honestly, I have no idea where this is headed.” Especially when dealing with time as Renslayer does, I think there’s a lot of potential here.” So, I’m not sure.

“I truly haven’t… I try to keep an open mind. During the last five months, I’ve been working very hard on something else. So, I’m at a loss. I’m curious about what’s going to happen next. We’ll have to wait and see. In any event, I’d be more than happy to discuss the matter with you (a movie). This is where things are right now, but we shall see.”

Following the conclusion of season one, we may also expect the following cast members to return:

• Wunmi Mosaku as Hunter B-15
• Tara Strong as the voice of Miss Minutes
• Owen Wilson as Mobius M Mobius
• Sophia Di Martino as Sylvie

Don’t rule out the possibility that Jack Veal will reprise his role as Kid Loki in the second season of Loki or a Young Avengers project in the future. Marvel’s legacy squad is on its way, and we’re crossing our fingers that Kid Loki will make an appearance, as he did in the comics.

We don’t just want to see that version of Loki return. Richard E Grant’s brief but memorable portrayal of Classic Loki, replete with the character’s Golden Age comic book attire, left a lasting impression on fans. Even though he died saving Sylvie and Loki from the Void, Grant told Entertainment Tonight that his character could return in the future.

Loki Season 2
Loki Season 2

He said, “It’s all conceivable.” After “going out with such a bang,” Grant admits that he “wouldn’t say no” to return, even if he has no idea how it would work.

“In my opinion, it would be impossible to outdo his sacrifice and send him out with a bang if he returned. I’m at a loss. That’s not something I’m qualified to do, you know. If someone asked, I wouldn’t say no. So to speak.”

What about the people who are actually in front of the camera?

Before, director Kate Herron said to Collider that she was still very much focused on the first season when asked if she was interested in returning.

“I believe for me, I’ve been so engrossed in this subject for the past two years that it’s hard to separate myself from it.” For me, the show is the only thing I’m thinking about right now, and I guess that’s where my mind is at right now.”

So it’s a major deal that Kate has confirmed her departure ahead of the second season of this program, which she helped shape along with Michael Waldron.

For her, the decision was “always intended just to do these six [episodes],” she told The Hollywood Reporter.

Herron explains, “We were approaching it like a movie and running it like a movie. “It wasn’t something we were doing as part of the showrunner system. Consequently, directing these six episodes was a huge undertaking, and I devoted all of my time, energy, and emotion to it. All of the things I loved about Marvel were thrown at the problem.

This is where I leave it for now, but I’m eager to see where it goes from here.

Of course, Jonathan Majors from Lovecraft Country will return as He Who Remains – and not just one of him. It’s safe to say that season two will have an unlimited number of Jonathans as the Big Bad.

Loki Season 2 Plot: What Will the Second Season Be About?

Season one finished as planned with a catastrophic event that sets the stage for parallel universes. Doctor Strange’s multiverse of madness and Wanda’s part in the film were both supposed to have been set up in this way. Finally, it would have made sense because the Scarlet Witch is a Nexus Being.

Later, in December 2021, Spider-Man: No Way Home showed the multiverse’s impact on the central universe when Doctor Strange accidentally cast a spell that brought heroes, villains, and countless variations of characters back to reality. Thus, they all found themselves in the same period.

Since Doctor Strange was released, those notions have been destroyed like Wanda attempting to exterminate America. However, the events of Loki did not even make it into its closing credits. During a recent interview with Deadline, Dr. Strange and Loki screenwriter Michael Waldron discussed why he decided to keep the two stories apart. Waldron had this to say regarding Kang’s absence in Doctor Strange:

In Wanda, I felt as if we had the biggest and greatest bullet.

In working with Sam Raimi, the scribe noted, “We can’t allow another movie has that much fun” if we don’t make Wanda the nemesis in this film.

“You would have risked the movie being overstuffed” if Kang had been introduced, he said.

Kang’s multiversal involvement is at risk if Wanda is given more time to pursue her own thing, which is understandable.

The writers offered the following information about Kang’s role in the season two plot:

“It’s only worth making the program in the first place if we can find a new tale to tell with this character,” says the creator.

“With Loki, it felt like we had to tread fresh emotional ground.” Getting into season two is the only way to do so. That was, without a doubt, what we discovered. As a continuation of that plot, “It’s a terrific continuation of that story that feels different from season one and hopefully will defy expectations.”

After Sylvie’s treachery, Loki still has to deal with the consequences of what she did.

Numerous clones of Kang (He Who Remains) will rise to power and seize control of the multiverse now that he is no longer around. The advent of Kang’s statue at “our” Time Variance Authority has already demonstrated this.

Then there’s Mobius to contend with as well. It appears that “our” Loki has been obliterated from this universe, as he has lost all memory of who he was. In the absence of his friends, what will Loki do? The God of Mischief’s fortunes has taken a turn for the worst, especially since he changed his ways.

Even while Hiddleston kept his cards close to his chest at the MCM London Comic-Con in September, he did reveal some delicious information about season two of the show.

When Loki returns to TVA at the end of season one, “OK so look, we can’t say anything sadly,” Hiddleston stated.

In an attempt to explain what has happened to Mobius [Owen Wilson], he’s extremely traumatized and emotional, and Mobius doesn’t recognize him. After that, he turns to gaze at the Timekeepers statue, only to discover that it isn’t a statue of the Timekeepers at all. And I suppose that’s where we’ll begin.”

Even though the show’s director, Kate Herron, will not be returning for a second season, she does have some ideas about where the tale could go next (via The Hollywood Reporter).

“In my mind, the TVA exists outside of space and time, yet a reality, and everything else as we knew it has entirely changed in the previous few minutes. Is there any way to verify if the TVA still exists in light of the multiverse’s branching?

A significant question that I suppose will be answered as the show progresses, we don’t know. Because of the way time and branches are intertwined outside my window, Loki has been sent back to a far different place than Sylvie had hoped for.

“As a result of what He Who Remains said, reality has transformed, and the concept is that he’s now in this parallel version of TVA.”

I think that’s a brilliant idea and one that could keep the program going for a long time like Doctor Who (or Sliders, at the very least). If Herron leaves extensive notes for her successor, we’ll all be in good shape.

Sylvie won’t be gone for long, either, so don’t get your hopes up. The Goddess of Mischief was grappling with the consequences of her decision in Kang’s Citadel when we last saw her. Sylvie will most likely reappear soon, however, now that she has a TemPad. Will she be your buddy or your enemy? What about a romantic relationship? Before their split, that kiss had a lot of emotional weight.

After episode three’s ground-breaking reveal, we may see “our” Loki experience a romantic relationship with another guy. Loki season two could be an excellent opportunity for Marvel to address the character’s queerness in a physical sense since the company has a history of avoiding physical depictions of bisexuality.

When Collider inquired about this prospect, Herron replied, “Basically I don’t know plans for the future with Loki — I’m so focused on this story. My aim was that, as long as it’s canon and acknowledged, there will be more exploration of that component of his character. That was my thought. In addition, I’m hoping it’s opened the door to additional tales.”

Loki Season 2 Trailer: When Can We See a Promo?

Enjoy this short video of Tom Hiddleston being Tom Hiddleston while you wait for the second season of Loki to premiere, which will probably be at least a year away.

As soon as we have any new information to provide, we’ll be sure to let you know.

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