Line of Duty Star’s Without Sin: When Will It Be Released?

Line of Duty Star’s Without Sin: Vicky McClure has earned the main part in the upcoming ITV thriller Without Sin, despite having recently finished filming the highly anticipated bomb disposal drama Trigger Warning.

The Line of Duty actor said on Instagram that she was proud to be filming the new season in her birthplace of Nottingham and that she had covered her trendy short hair with a long brown wig for the role.

McClure’s production business, Build Your Own Films, is working with Left Bank Pictures (The Crown) and ITV to create the drama, and McClure will also act as executive producer on the series.

The actress wrote in the caption of an Instagram post, “We’ll keep it short and sweet for now but having both been immersed in the media industry for decades we decided it was the ideal time literally develop our own projects!” We are pleased to be working with the prolific @leftbankpictures on our first co-production for @itv. Without Sin will be shot in my hometown of Los Angeles, with a fantastic cast and crew, a brand-new writer of exceptional talent in Frances, and a green light from the studio. NOTTINGHAM! Making actual employment available (soon, Wales, we hope!)

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Line of Duty Star’s Without Sin- What’s It About?

Stella Tomlinson (Vicky McClure), whose daughter Maisy is 14, is found dead in their home with a bloodied, hooded figure of Charles Stone (Johnny Harris) standing over her in the first episode of the four-part drama. Dramatically, Stella works as an Uber driver at night to cope with her loss of her daughter and to learn more about the man she believes is responsible for her death.

According to ITV’s summary, “the drama centres upon Stella’s life three years after the loss of her teenage daughter and how she is still hostage to her grief.” Deep fissures have appeared in her life due to the loss of her cherished only child, and she fights constantly to heal from the pain of this loss.

A nighttime existence as an Uber driver is her choice as she struggles to cope with the trauma of that night. Her estranged spouse Paul still resides in the marital house, but the couple has grown apart. With the help of Restorative Justice, Stella and Paul get back together to hear a recording from Charles, who they believe wants to make amends for the murder of their daughter.

Line of Duty Star's Without Sin
Line of Duty Star’s Without Sin

Stella moves back to the Millfields estate after this turn of events. She confers with the people she values the most, including her mother Jessie and her best friend Remy, and then makes the decision to take things with Charles to the next level. Stella agrees to accompany a Restorative Justice Mediator to her daughter’s killer’s jail visit. But she isn’t ready for what Charles has to say next…

Line of Duty Star’s Without Sin – The Cast

It’s nice to see Vicky McClure and Johnny Harris again. they were in This Is England ’86 together. McClure portrays a mother in mourning, and Harris plays the suspect in the murder of her only child.

Frances Poletti, who is relatively new to screenwriting, has penned the drama. There hasn’t been a full cast reveal yet.

Line of Duty Star’s Without Sin When Will It Be Released?

Due to the fact that production has only recently began, we may have to wait until 2022 to see the finished product. As a result, we have plenty to anticipate in the coming year; be assured, we’ll keep you apprised of developments.

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