Is Dragon Ball GT Worth Watching?

Is Dragon Ball GT Worth Watching: It’s hard to think there was ever a time when there wasn’t a new Dragon Ball anime in production, given the massive success of the latest Dragon Ball Super film. On February 26, 1986, the first episode of the original Dragon Ball series aired, and it became an instant hit, setting the framework for numerous shounen anime cliches that are still in use today. The sequel Dragon Ball Z premiered on April 26, 1989, and quickly became as popular, if not more so, than the original series.

The final episode of that show aired on January 31, 1996, a few short months before its September 13, 1996, launch on American television. As the official sequel to Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball Super occurs both before and after the events of the final episode of Dragon Ball Z. (there is even some case to be made that Dragon Ball Super is retconning the events at the end of the previous series).

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What Is Dragon Ball GT?

The original sequel to Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball GT, debuted in Japan on February 7th, 1996. (one week after Dragon Ball Z had concluded). The show wasn’t based on a manga by series creator Akira Toriyama like the previous two were. Toriyama himself was only involved in the series through the approval of some plot points and the creation of a few villains. After 11 years of hard labour on Dragon Ball, Toriyama decided to put down his pen and take a break. The problem was that, despite its decline in popularity, the series was still immensely popular, and Toei Animation was eager to expand the franchise.

After much persuasion, Toriyama agreed to let them continue the series under the title Dragon Ball GT (short for “Grand Tour”), picking up where Toriyama left off. Thus, Dragon Ball GT would continue the story of Goku, who had unintentionally wished back to childhood with the use of the Black Star Dragon Balls, and his adventures in that form. As a result, he, his grandson Pan, and Trunks set out on a quest to find the Black Star Dragon Balls so he can make a wish to turn back time and become an adult. Goku and his pals will face off against new foes and find innovative abilities on their journey to an emotionally resonant series finale.

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Over the course of its 64-episode run, the series would inspire a notorious PlayStation game. Despite its brief run, Dragon Ball GT became a hot topic of discussion among fans on online message boards due to its status as the only Dragon Ball series that was not available legally in the United States at the time.

Is Dragon Ball GT Any Good?

Although the answer to a question like this depends on the individual asking it, the general consensus is that the answer is “no,” it’s not very good. Reasons include the series’ lack of cohesion in terms of tone, its rocky introduction that tries (and fails) to imitate the more comedic features of the original Dragon Ball, and its lacklustre battle sequences. Fans who had watched Goku mature into an adult were likewise upset by the decision to de-age him back to childhood.

There were also grumblings about the villains being too easily forgotten (though it should be noted that Baby was a major exception to this rule). The opening theme song Dan Dan Kokoro Hikareteku by Field of View was widely regarded as not just the best opening of the Dragon Ball franchise, but also as one of the best anime openings of all time. Both the opening theme “Kimi no Na wa” and the closing theme “Hitori Ja Nai” were huge hits, with the latter song being covered by a number of JPop artists even today.

Is Dragon Ball GT Worth Watching
Is Dragon Ball GT Worth Watching

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However, the series as a whole has received lukewarm reviews at best over the years, and it has always had trouble drawing viewers. Supposedly, the studio kept the series continuing long enough so that a video game could be produced before the series finished. The fact that the series was delayed long enough to sell one more product tells volumes about the care and attention the show itself received from the producers and show runners, even if we generally should reserve quality judgements regarding shows in reference to marketing.

Is Dragon Ball GT Worth Watching?

With the debut of Dragon Ball Super, Dragon Ball GT has been formally de-canonized, and many fans feel this is for the best because Dragon Ball Super is widely regarded as being of far higher quality than Dragon Ball GT. In any case, fans of the franchise no longer appear to hate Dragon Ball GT in the same manner as they did before, perhaps because they realise that it is not the final word on the series. It’s easier to watch Dragon Ball GT with calmer emotions and understand what the franchise looked like when the creator wasn’t in the driver’s seat, even if many will still claim it’s horrible.

Dragon Ball GT, like the recently uncovered missing American pilot to Sailor Moon, can now be dismissed as harmless entertainment. There’s a reason it has the reputation it does, and there’s no reason you should feel obligated to watch the entire thing. However, there’s no harm in giving it a try for a few episodes to get a feel for the show and then giving up if you don’t like it. If you like it, that’s excellent; it means you get more Dragon Ball. If you’re not enjoying it, there’s always Dragon Ball Super Stay tuned to to get all recent updates.

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