I Came by Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer in 2022!

I Came by Release Date

On August 31, 2022, Netflix subscribers all over the world will be able to watch I Came By. Since August 19, 2022, the film has been playing in select UK theatres. It’s a long movie, clocking in at 109 minutes.

I Came By Plot

In the film I Came By, George Mackay plays Toby, a teenage British graffiti artist who becomes famous for vandalising the mansions of the ultra-wealthy and spray-painting the words “I Came By” over the walls in a bold, indecent font. Toby is essentially a fictional version of the real-life Banksy.

Although he becomes somewhat of a folk hero while wearing a hoodie and remaining completely anonymous, the police and the wealthy and powerful whose mansions he vandalises want him dead. Toby’s only confidante is Jay (Percelle Ascott), a fellow graffiti artist and rebel who shares his penchant for spray-painting expensive mansions. But after Jay’s girlfriend tells him she’s pregnant, Jay has second thoughts and pulls back from their activities, leaving Toby to carry on the campaign alone.

Toby’s first assignment on his own goes tragically wrong when he gets into the home of famous former High Court judge Sir Hector Blake (Hugh Bonneville) and uncovers a terrible truth that puts his life in peril.

I Came By cast

Toby, the graffiti artist at the centre of the plot, is played by George MacKay. In the film Peter Pan from 2003, George made his debut as Curly. Subsequently, he portrayed Private Douglas in the BBC1 drama Birdsong and Tommo Peaceful in the film Private Peaceful. George has also been in the films Pride, Sunshine on Leith, and Munich: The Edge of War, and the BBC One drama Outcast. He portrayed Ned Kelly in the 2019 film True History of The Kelly Gang and as a soldier in World War I in 1917, which won an Academy Award.

I Came by Netflix
I Came by Netflix

How would you describe Toby. He has this Robin Hood element but he’s also very angry…

It is revealed by George: “He is passionately opposing the higher authorities with whom he disagrees. His desire to bring down the ruling class stems from an internalized sense of brokenness brought on by events in his own family. To those who have power over him, he pledges to become superior and leave an indelible impression. He’s become obsessed with it to the point where it’s all he does. While his strong sense of purpose gave the character a lot of credibilities and made him a joy to portray, his blithe disdain for the consequences of his actions made him a challenge to be around.”

Why does Toby think there is something evil about Hector?

“For me, that seems like a random occurrence. Toby is only trying to find a problem the first time around by looking for it very carefully. He has some valid concerns, like the house’s ivory, among other things. He’s not who he says he is. At that juncture in the narrative, though, the good seems to outweigh the bad. So, I think that’s just Toby trying to create an issue for himself. The evidence suggests that he may not be completely wrong.”

Percelle Ascot On Playing Jay

Jay, portrayed by Percelle Ascott, is Toby’s graffiti artist friend and a key player in solving the mystery of Hector’s cellar. Previous roles for Percelle include Tin Star and The Innocents as well as Doctor Who.

“Jay is making a lot of choices,” Percelle explains. His extreme loyalty often puts him in trouble. As a result of his good intentions, he has managed to disappoint nearly everyone. It was enjoyable to play a conflicted character whose stakes were rising and who was able to little implode emotionally as a result of playing with that feeling. I was looking forward to the challenge it presented and the time I spent playing it.

Kelly MacDonald As Liz

See here for the first look at Kelly MacDonald in her role as Toby’s single mom Liz Nealing in I Came By. Kelly made her film debut in the groundbreaking film Trainspotting. She also appeared in the movies Gosford Park, Nanny McPhee, and No Country for Old Men. Kelly voiced Merida in the Disney animated film Brave and portrayed Helena Ravenclaw in the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 films. She played Sarah in BBC1’s Giri/Haji and DCI Jo Davidson on Line of Duty, and she recently starred in the crime drama The Victim.

What else do we know About I Came By?

Babak Anvari (Under the Shadow, Wounds) helms and co-wrote the script for the Netflix film I Came By with Namsi Khan. The creator of this is Lucan Toh. It was directed by Babak Anvari, who won a British Academy Film Award (Under The Shadow) Fiona Lamptey, Netflix’s new Director of UK Features, commissioned this British film.

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