Hunter X Hunter Season 7 Release Date Status, Cast, Plot and More Details!

When the “Election Arc” concluded Season 6 of the second “Hunter x Hunter” anime in 2014, fans hoped that there would be more to come. Yoshihiro Togashi, the series’ author, continued to develop material for the acclaimed manga series until 2018. How come those tales haven’t been adapted for animation?

Even the most ardent “Hunter x Hunter” followers on Reddit have begun to lose hope after more than half a decade without any genuine news. As a result of Togashi’s health difficulties, many believe that their favorite anime characters will never be able to see their storylines finished.

Before a pair of unexplained social media messages from voice actresses who worked on the original Japanese version of “Hunter x Hunter” got up, the community felt that way. Megumi Han, who played Gon Freecss, posted one on Instagram, while Mariya Ise, who voiced Killua Zoldyck, posted the other on Twitter.

“Hunter x Hunter” Season 7 is set to premiere on Netflix on November 14, but the release date and cast haven’t been announced yet; let us take a look at what we know so far.

Hunter X Hunter Season 7 Release Date

The prospects of the show returning in 2021 are little to none. Hello, we can confidently predict that it will arrive in the early summer of 2022. Chapter Hunter x Hunter Season 7 will bring it back.

When he feels better, he’ll start working on new chapters of the manga. On a cloudy day, there are some rays of hope for fans who are hopeful that the writing of the stage will resume soon.

Who Will Be in the Cast of Hunter X Hunter Season 7?

Mariya Ise and Megumi Han’s social media posts are all that fans have to go on when it comes to the voice cast. It’s great news that Funimation has provided translations of these messages for the benefit of English-speaking viewers.

To celebrate her return to her “beginning point,” Megumi Han, who voiced Gon Freecss in the anime series, shared an Instagram photo of a microphone with a statement that reads, “I am extremely delighted to be back where it all began.” Han’s most notable early performance was in “Hunter x Hunter,” according to IMDb. Meanwhile, Killua Zoldyck’s voice actress Mariya Ise tweeted that she was “recording for a project, and was thrilled to catch up with her ‘partner,'” according to Funimation. According to these messages, two members of the original cast will reprise their roles as protagonists in “Hunter x Hunter.”

English dubbing would have no problem retaining the same voice actors if the Japanese producer were attempting to keep the same cast. In other words, Gon Freecss might be played again by Erica Mendez, Killua Zoldyck by Cristina Valenzuela, and the season 7 narrator, Michael McConnohie.

Hunter X Hunter Season 7
Hunter X Hunter Season 7

What Will the Plot of Hunter X Hunter Season 7 Be About?

It has already been mentioned that the incomplete manga for the second season of “Hunter x Hunter” is the largest obstacle. While delays in the manga are nothing new, Yoshihiro Togashi’s most recent hiatus, which began in late 2018, has been blamed on his alleged fascination with the “Dragon Quest” video game series, according to CBR.

Nevertheless, if a seventh season of “Hunter x Hunter” is ever produced, it will likely mark the conclusion of Gon Freecss’ tale and that of the Hunters as a whole. Togashi told Weekly Shonen Jump just before the manga went on its longest break in 2018, according to Comic Book “I need to finish ‘Hunter x Hunter,’ my current project. Either the plot must be resolved first, or I will perish before it does. But I’m going to see it through to the conclusion.”

This is why fans of “Hunter x Hunter” may find it difficult to say their goodbyes, but they should be prepared to do so regardless of whether Season 7 arrives or not. A satisfying conclusion with more of the series’ trademark epic battles would be ideal.

Who Is the Strongest Hunter?

In the Hunter × Hunter anime, Gon Freecss is currently the best Hunter. He had a God-like pace, longevity, and physical stamina as well as wizard intelligence, yet Meruem is the biggest character ever seen.

With only minor wounds to his body, he could strike with immense force while receiving only minimal damage and continued to attack until he could identify which hands/combinations to use.

Is Killua Stronger Than Gon?

Killua is more powerful than Gon, despite the latter’s more prominent crests. An aura of power can be created using Killua’s ability to broadcast. Even though God has more raw strength, Killua is a better all-around player.

How Did Hisoka Die?

Chrollo’s Nen leaves the team behind when he passes through Kurapika in search of a way to break the tape.

After defeating Chrollo in Heaven’s Arena, Hisoka dies, but he rises from the dead and goes on a murderous rampage against the Phantom Troupe.

What Happened in Last Season?

In Chapter 370, Kurapika is expressing the idea of nen to a large group of security guards, since she is attempting to educate some of the guards who are resisting her.

There is a tremendous deal of anxiety in the neighborhood since everyone believes that he is trying to get the chance to kill the Prince they are entrusted with. When it comes time to get rid of a Prince, it’s best to get rid of his security guard first.

When one security guard is killed, Kurapika must ascertain that he is the only nen assassin in this squad of security guards and the Black Whale team, and kill them all.

However, the risk is that the other security guards will be able to test Kurapika’s talents at this new location.

It’s only a matter of time before others learn about Kurapika’s abilities and adaptability and try to take advantage of whatever openings they can find.

What to expect from Hunter x Hunter season 7?

Season 6 of Hunter x Hunter ended with Gon finally seeing his father, Ging, who was his true inspiration and the reason he passed the Hunter exam. Gon taught his father how to hunt and gave him his father’s Hunter license back as a result of what they had learned from each other. As a result of Knox’s loving memories of Morel, Kiriko assumes the identity of Gotoh. Gon, on the other hand, received a letter from Mito, and thus he has returned to the Kite gang. So that’s the way Season 6 comes to a close.

The ‘Dark Continent Expedition Arc,’ in which Isaac Netaro’s son organizes an expedition to the Dark Continent, will launch Hunter x Hunter Season 7. A hallmark of the anime series is the introduction of new characters and the development of their unique skills. After catching Netaro, they have no idea if he has a son they can use against them.

The 289th Hunter test will be overseen by Kurapika. Like in Monster Musume 2, new pupils will enroll, but only the most deserving will be granted a Hunter license. We learned more about a movie once a trailer was released.

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