Yellowstone Season 4 Episodes List and More Details!

Episode 1: Half the Money

Release Date: 7 November 2021

It is revealed that John has been shot and left a message in the soil that tells Rip that the shooters are still alive, in a blue van, when he comes. He fights back and initiates a police chase of the blue van, stopping it and killing all of the gunmen during a fierce gunfight, which Kayce manages to win.

Hospitalized in intensive care, John’s condition is tenuous at best. Following her office building’s bombing, Beth approaches Jamie about his apparent involvement in the shooting and her intention to take him to task for his alleged involvement.

Episode 2: Phantom Pain

Release Date: 7 November 2021

Although John is eventually freed from the hospital, the effects of his multiple gunshot wounds continue to haunt him. Kayce’s injuries from the firefight are also being treated.

The 14-year-old child who witnessed the murder of his heroin-addicted father while Beth was at the hospital seeing to his release piques Beth’s attention and she brings him to Rip’s house, where Rip is initially reluctant to have him around but soon takes him under his wing. The father-son duo of Garrett and Jamie buy land together.

Episode 3: All I See Is You

Release Date: 14 November 2021

John and Kayce are still on the prowl for the members of the numerous assassination squads hired to assassinate their families. The result is both potent and gory. It’s not uncommon for the people on the run from the law to be cuffed, tortured, and to eliminate John’s loved ones. The search for the assassins is going well, and John determines the best way to deal with one of them is in a nocturnal shoot-out with handguns in which he successfully disposes of his enemy.

Episode 4: Winning or Learning

Release Date: 21 November 2021

To determine if Jamie is devoted or unfaithful to the family, John takes Kayce to his favorite spot on the ranch. Mo and Rainwater had given him a file identifying the apparent Captain of the several assassination squads hired to kill his family, and he gave it to Kayce as evidence. Riggins is a convicted offender whose name is included in the file.

Kayce is instructed by John to bring the file to Jamie and ask Jamie to access the Riggins prison file for additional information. If Jamie balks or delays in any manner, After Kayce brings the file to Jamie, This episode closes with Jamie receiving Riggins’ prison file and seeing that one of Riggins’ prior cellmates was an ex-convict called Garrett Randall, which name Jamie recognizes as that of his father.

Episode 5: Under a Blanket of Red

Release Date: 28 November 2021

When John wakes up to find Beth in the house, his day is already off to a slow start. The offer from Market Equities and Schwartz & Meyers would be used against both of them to defend the ranch, she informs John Kayce is astonished by a protest from an animal rights group at the Livestock Commission, which they claim is a form of animal abuse.

How Many Episodes in Yellowstone Season 4
How Many Episodes in Yellowstone Season 4

They are detained, but when the protest leader catches John’s eye, he bails her out and offers to give her a tour of the ranch in exchange for her release. By providing information about Garrett Randall, Riggins’ sentence is reduced to “soft work” at the facility, and Riggins is granted immunity. To his astonishment, when Jamie confronts Garrett about his findings, he is greeted by his ex-girlfriend Christina (from a previous season), who introduces him to her son.

Episode 6: I Want to Be Him

Release Date: 5 December 2021

When the protest leader accepts John’s offer of a tour of the ranch, he ends up staying the night, and Beth is furious to learn that her father had an overnight date. Jamie returns to confront his biological father about the attempted assassination of John with a loaded revolver in his biological father’s face.

For the time being, he embraces Jamie and the two appear to be at peace. Lloyd stabs his adversary in the side of the chest with his knife as he continues to encounter problems in the bunkhouse. wounds, he gives Lloyd one final warning before he decides whether or not to stay at the ranch going forward. Rip orders Lloyd and his bunkhouse competitor to face off in final, all-out combat. Jamie is still on notice for being a disloyal member of the family, so Beth confronts him once more.

Episode 7: Keep the Wolves Close

Release Date: 12 December 2021

Kayce is still on the hunt for the stolen horses that have not been found. In the meantime, Jamie’s newfound son, Garrett, and ex-girlfriend Christina continue to help him form a close bond with his family. Garrett asks Christina if she can assist plan Jamie’s campaign for Governor of the state. In her new office, Beth realizes that the plans to rebuild Yellowstone and the surrounding area are considerably farther advanced than she had suspected.

As a result, John tells Beth about his concerns regarding Jamie and his ambitions to run for Governor later. It appears that Jamie is ready to accept the current Governor’s endorsement for his campaign when she abruptly declares that she is endorsing John as her preferred candidate for the new Governor rather than Jamie.

Episode 8: No Kindness for the Coward

Release Date: 19 December 2021

The news that the old Governor has endorsed John to run for office instead of Jamie has left Jamie heartbroken back at his house. As Garrett and Christina tell Jamie, that John’s old-fashioned approach will not help him win over voters in a long-term election, Jamie is persuaded that he has a greater chance of winning.

At the site of the new airport’s construction, Beth’s job at Market Equities requires her to deal with a huge number of protesters. After a meeting with the Sheriff, on the prison inmate whom John believes was behind the assassination plot against him. A robbery is in progress as John and Rip arrive at the diner, so they retreat to the back door with their lone handgun and rifle.

The diner is the scene of a bloody shoot-out, in which John and Rip emerge unscathed. Shootout: The sheriff is fatally wounded by robbers during the shootout. e sheriff’s cellphone, which he finds to be ringing with the sheriff’s final words, which he was unable to deliver before he was shot and killed. To round up the episode, John tells the sheriff’s daughter about the officer’s death.

Episode 9: No Such Thing as Fair

Release Date: 25 December 2021

Episode 10: Grass on the Streets and Weeds on the Rooftops

Release Date: 2 January 2022

How many episodes in Yellowstone Season 4?

There are 11 episodes in Yellowstone Season 4.

How many Seasons of Yellowstone?

There are 4 Seasons in Yellowstone.

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