High School DxD Season 5: Release Date Status, Cast and Everything We Need to Know!

It’s no secret that anime fans adore the sprawling narratives. Multiple successful anime series and spin-offs of the ‘High School DxD’ manga have been produced in recent years.

High School DxD has a dedicated fan base eagerly anticipating the show’s return for a fifth season. ‘High School DxD’ is widely expected to continue the story of Hero Oppai Dragon, a manga arc, in Season 5, despite no official declaration. The following details have been released so far about the upcoming movie:

When Will ‘High School DxD’ Season 5 Premiere?

April 17 was the premiere date of High School DxD’s fourth season, which ended on July 3. When it comes to the fifth season and its development, there has been no word. Light book author Ichieie Ishibumi has urged readers to continue reading the series in light of the announcement of the upcoming release of season 5. As long as people keep buying light novels, the anime will be made.

Hero Oppai Dragon manga episodes 9 and 10 were incorporated into the first part of Season 4’s premiere episode. Based on the fact that there is content for season 5, we can expect the continuation of the plot arc and adaptations of Volumes 11, and 12 for season 5. As of now, Passion Studio has not commented on the topic. If everything goes according to plan, the fifth film in the series will be released in 2022.

What Is ‘High School DxD’ All About?

Kuoh Academy or Ku Gakuen was an old girls’ school before it became a co-ed institution in the 1990s. Nobody is aware of the school’s dark secret: it is the hiding place of numerous fallen angels, both good and wicked. The show’s protagonist, Issei Hyoudou, takes the lead role in the narrative.

One of the most promiscuous young men at his high school is Issei, who dreams of running his Harem and is ready to date the beautiful female pupils. The lovely Yuuma Amano invited him out on a date, and he was shocked. In the end, he was stabbed to death by Raynare, a fallen angel who disguised himself as Yuma.

On the other hand, a stunning senior Rias Gremory revives Issei and gives him a second chance at life. He was given back his life as a top-notch devil in exchange for this, but Rias was planning something else. The Occult Research Club at his school suffers because she treats Issei like a slave.

Issei has been given a second shot at life, and as such, he must learn to fight and train himself to survive in a world full of angels and demons. Throughout the story, Yuuto Kiba, the Occult Research Club’s Knight, is revealed to be acting strangely. Issei says that he was subjected to a terrible experiment as a child to understand why Kiba is behaving peculiarly. This time, an old foe has returned, along with new ones, and Issei and his companions must take on the challenge.

High School Dxd Season 5
High School Dxd Season 5

Later episodes highlight the weaknesses of Issei and his allies, leading Rias to realize how ineffective her team has been as a unit for such a long time. They were put through a grueling training program in the Underworld to ensure they were ready for whatever challenges awaited them in the hereafter. Loki, the Norse God of Mischief, is the greatest difficulty the team will encounter as it matures into adulthood.

High School DxD Season 5 Release Date

Episodes for the upcoming fifth season of High School DxD will be available in October 2022. The original publication date was set for the end of 2020, but the author of the novel on which the series is based has indicated that the pandemic problem has caused the release date to be postponed.

High School DxD Cast

Season 5 of Dolby’s High School DxD is set to include the same ensemble cast as the previous four seasons. Many of these actors are likely to repeat their roles in the upcoming season.

  • Yuki Kaji will give a voice to Issei Hyoudou, who is the main character of the series.
  • Yoko Hikasa will act as Rias Gremory.
  • Shizuka Ito will give a voice to Akeno Himejima.
  • Azumi Asakura will act as Asia Argento.
  • Jamie Marchi may reprise her role as Rias Gremory.
  • Ayana Taketatsu will give a voice to Koneko Toujou’s character.
  • Sean O’ Connor will act as Kiba.
  • Jad Saxton may reprise his role as Koneko.
  • Kenji Nojima will play Yuto Kiba’s character.
  • Christopher Sabat will give a voiceover to Ddraig.
  • Lauren Landa will be playing Xenovia’s role.
  • Fumihiko Tachiki may also voice the character of Ddraig.
  • Risa Taneda may also voice the character of Xenovia.
  • Chloe Daniels may play Asia’s voice.
  • Phil Parsons and Rikiya Koyama can voice over Azazel’s character.
  • Maaya Uchida and Kristi Kang can voice Irina Shido.

The fifth and final season of High School DxD will be directed by Yoshifumi Suede.

High School DxD Season 5 Storyline

Yuma Amano tells the account of her first date with Issei, a high school student at Kuoh Academy. Issei had always wanted to rule a royal harem, and he worked hard to achieve it. A third-year student called Rias Gremory uses her magic to resuscitate Issei, but he dismisses it as a dream and goes back to sleep.

Rias explains that she saved him as he rises, and another fallen angel tries to attack him.

Volumes 11 and 12 of the Japanese Light novel will likely serve as inspiration for Season 5. Inconveniently, we’ll have to wait until the launch of the show to understand more about Isei’s impending difficulties.

Why Is It Taking So Long For The Fifth Installment To Come?

The studio that produced the last four seasons of the anime show, according to rumors, will no longer be connected in any way with the show. A big-time gap between Season 4 and Season 5 resulted from this. Because everyone wanted to be sure of everything before commenting, there was no further debate after that.

Those in charge of the program wanted to stick to the graphic book canon more rigorously than the previous studio had been able to do, therefore they decided to switch studios. While following the manga’s storyline for four chapters, the studio started making or, better still, creating its own story. Manga and anime have a significant fanbase, making this situation more difficult. The production company for the program was changed in response to complaints from fans, and the manga will now be published by a different publisher.

High School DxD Season 5 Trailer

AT-X, the original uncensored network of High School DxD, has failed to publish a trailer for Season 5. The trailer, on the other hand, should be available very shortly.

The Conclusion

High School DxD is the best source of magic, harem, and the paranormal. Approximately 49 episodes, each lasting about 24 minutes, have been aired.

Adding dynamic music to Ryosuke Nakanishi’s series effectively increased its entertainment value. Viewers’ inquiries about the status of High School DxD’s renewal are addressed in this article.

As soon as new information on High School DxD becomes available, this page will be updated! Come back as frequently as you like. How long has it been since you’ve seen all of High School DxD? Share your favorite High School DxD season in the comments below!

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