Harley Quinn Season 4 Everything We Know About!

Harley Quinn, played by Kaley Cuoco, will return to the small screen in a matter of weeks. Iconic Batman villain The Joker leaves her abusive and violent ex for a new adventure in the HBO Max adult animated series. Since she’s now married to Poison Ivy, things are looking up for her.

There haven’t been any new episodes in two years, but the wait is finally coming to an end. However, as is typical for comic book enthusiasts, speculation is already rife about what will happen in Season 4.

This week, the show’s creative team highlighted several characters they’d like to see appear in future episodes. As a hint, one is a tragic member of the Bat-Family, and the other could bring the Multiverse to Harley Quinn’s home.

Future DC Crossover Hopes Revealed

On Instagram Live, Harley Quinn writers Patrick Schumacker and Justin Halpern discussed their aspirations for the show’s future crossovers with DC characters, as reported by Bleeding Cool.

During a season 1 episode in which Harley asks for suggestions on her new costume, Halpern describes how he would want to see Power Girl, who was originally intended to appear. To make fun of the impracticality of female superhero outfits, she’d approach her and mimic Power Girl’s “boob window.”

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Schumacker then suggests Red Hood, who was formerly an Easter Egg in the back of Noonan’s but was sliced so that he may get the necessary attention in the future. As a parody of Gotham City Sirens, the writer said he wanted to include Black Canary.

The two went on to share further information about some new characters that would feature in the third season. Harvey Guillen, who will portray Nightwing, is one of those people, and both writers vow that he will portray the role in a “very distinct tone.” With the arrival of more members of the Bat-Family in Season 3, he won’t be the only one.

Larry Owens makes his acting debut as the Music Meister. One of Catwoman and Batman’s tumultuous relationships will be explored in an upcoming episode, which will center on the musically inclined criminal.

Some of her Suicide Squad friends will also turn up at least once in the early episodes of the season, as seen in the teaser.

#HarleyQuinn Team Won’t Listen to Fans Who Want Joker Romance: Harley and Ivy Will ‘Never’ Break Up https://t.co/QI654GDZDC

— Variety (@Variety) July 28, 2022

They listed names like Punchline and Zatanna—both of which may return in future episodes—as examples of characters that won’t be appearing this season.

Could Red Hood and Power Girl be in Harley’s Future?

When it comes to the Earth-2 variation of Supergirl, Power Girl is the one to look for. It is possible that the show could have brought viewers across the DC Comics Multiverse at some point. Season 4 might have some interesting storylines if this turns out to be the case.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t appear to be happening anytime soon. There are a plethora of fresh faces to look forward to this season.

Harley Quinn Season 4

For starters, getting to know new members of the Bat family, like Nightwing, will be a delight, especially in the over-the-top universe that Harley Quinn inhabits. Catwoman will bring Batman into the spotlight, too (oral sex not included).

It was also indicated that the show still intends to use Red Hood in the future. Seeing a figure like Harley Quinn in the spotlight is hard to imagine, but as they’ve proved before, the show’s writers can accomplish anything—except make Marvel jokes.

Later this year, the third season of HBO Max’s Harley Quinn will be available to watch on the site.

For the first time in almost two years, a new episode of the show will air. However, as is customary among comic book fans, rumors regarding what will happen in Season 4 are already rampant…

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