Is Gru From Despicable Me Supposed to Be Russian?

The story of God and the other Despicable Me characters, both past, and present, may be extended in infinite ways, with Despicable Me 4 eyeing a potential release date of 2024 and more Minions prequels seeming inevitable.

A New Villain For Gru To Battle

It’s safe to say that every single film in the Despicable Me trilogy has had a compelling new adversary for Gru and the Minions to battle. No reason separates this from the next movie.

The potential gimmicks for the next villain are practically limitless once they’ve done ones based on Lucha libre and ’80s music videos. If they choose this path, Gru will face up against a foe who is as unforgettable as he is.

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Vector Returns

The bumbling yet cunning Vector from the first Despicable Me film is widely regarded as one of Jason Segel’s best roles. Over the years, he has become a popular internet meme subject.

The reappearance of the extremely stylish yet unbelievable dorky villain to square off against Gru once more might bring in a large audience. Since he was found stranded on the moon while still alive, his possible return is not out of the question.

Wild Knuckles And Gru Prequel

Wild Knuckles, the old villain introduced in Minions: The Rise of Gru, went from kidnapper to malicious mentor to Gru. The film ends with the two seemingly on the cusp of embarking on a life of crime together.

There is plenty of possibility for stories to be told regarding Wild Knuckles and Gru’s years as a criminal combo between the original film and The Rise of Gru. It could be entertaining to observe how much Gru picked up from Wild Knuckles about how to be a supervillain.

Wild Knuckles Prequel

Because of Wild Knuckles’ advanced age, he provides a great springboard for explorations into his life prior to meeting Gru.

Alternatively, you may talk about the origins of the Vicious Six and how Wild Knuckles came to create the group. Wild Knuckles might perhaps return to his roots as a young villain still learning the ropes, a twist on the classic sequel cliche of the hero becoming a mentor.

Gru Versus Dru

On a cliffhanger note, Dru, Gru’s brother, stole Gru’s plane and took off with his Minion army at the end of Despicable Me 3. The existing members of the Anti-Villain League, including Gru and his wife Lucy, decide to give Dru a head start before pursuing him.

Even if the fight between Gru and his brother was just a joke at the conclusion of the third film, it would be enjoyable to see them go at it for a longer plot. Plenty is at stake, especially if Gru has doubts about whether he can truly turn on his brother.

Lucy Prequel

Lucy Wilde, Gru’s super-spy wife, was introduced in the first sequel and quickly became a fan favourite, although nothing is known about her backstory. Neither of the Minions spinoffs have made any reference to her at all.

Gru Despicable Me
Gru Despicable Me

To properly display such a strong female character in animation, it may be interesting to do a full-fledged Lucy tale, perhaps set during her adolescence or during her early days in the Anti-Villain League. Perhaps the series would benefit from having Lucy face a villain without Gru’s assistance.

The Vicious Six Return

While the Vicious Six are ultimately vanquished and reduced to rat size by Gru in The Rise of Gru, they do not die. Because Gru works for the Anti-Villain League, their worst enemy, the spell that was set upon them may also prevent them from aging.

Furthermore, the five characters function effectively both separately and collectively, offering opportunities for additional comedic and character-driven content. The return of the Vicious Six to exact revenge on Gru, this time with a family at stake, has the potential to be riveting to watch.

The Minions Find A New Master

After Gru’s death, the Minions may look for a new boss in a third Despicable Me film, as their ultimate objective is to serve the most despicable master possible.

The film might take place in the distant future, long after Gru has passed away from old age, leaving the inept Minions to deal with the strange technologies of the time. A grown-up Margo, Edith, or Agnes might even hire them to work for her. A look into the Minions’ future without Gru would be fascinating, albeit tragic.

The Daughters Follow In Gru’s Footsteps

Gru’s character growth after becoming a father is worthy of comparison to the best father-child stories in animation because of his efforts to live a moral life and be a good example for his kids. That’s why it’d be so funny if one or more of his daughters went on to become supervillains, carrying on the family’s tradition of evil.

Nothing suggests this will happen just yet, but it would be hilarious to see Gru and Lucy try to dissuade their daughters from following in their father’s criminal footsteps, especially if the Minions got involved in the middle.

The Daughters Follow In Lucy’s Footsteps

On the other hand, it would be even more interesting to see if the girls follow in their parents’ footsteps and join the Anti-Villain League as agents. It’s consistent with the way they’ve been acting in all of the films, for sure.

Furthermore, their personalities are so dissimilar from one another that the contrasts and tensions that could arise from their distinct approaches to spying could be quite comical. This might be a fantastic continuation of the themes explored in the third film, in which Lucy spends a lot of time trying to bond with her daughters.

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