Foundation Season 3 Release Date, Cast, and Storyline!

Sci-fi fans are unsure if the expansive Apple TV+ rendition of Isaac Asimov’s Foundation will return for a third season after just finishing its second season. Although the show hasn’t set any viewership records, it still has a devoted following, with season 2 taking pride in being more approachable than season 1 was.

As the centuries-long conflict between Hari Seldon (Jared Harris) and the Galactic Empire moves into its next phase, this has led to some favourable reviews. Read on for everything we currently know about the future of the show if you’re eager to learn more about the incredibly ambitious Foundation.

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Foundation Season 3 Release Date

The third season of Foundation has not yet been formally confirmed by Apple TV Plus. However, a number of sources and speculations contend that the program has already received approval and is in the middle of manufacturing.

Foundation season 3 began production in Prague in June 2023, according to The Prague Reporter, a credible Czech news source that has previously provided accurate information about the show’s filming locations and schedules.

The website stated that filming would continue until October 2023, therefore it is likely that it is already finished. This does not, however, imply that Season 3 of Foundation will be available any time soon.

David S. Goyer, the show’s creator and showrunner, revealed to TechRadar that season 2 of the series had just come to a close in May 2023 and that the fate of season 3 will depend on how well accepted it is by viewers.

He added that he saw Foundation as both a serialized program and an anthology, telling whole stories during each season while also weaving them together into a single, longer narrative during the course of the series.

These comments suggest that Goyer and his crew are taking their time to develop the greatest season 3 tale possible and are not in a rush to publish it.

Additionally, the ongoing Writers Guild and Screen Actors Guild strikes may have an impact on post-production and cause a further delay in the release date. Because of this, we shouldn’t anticipate Foundation season 3 until at least 2025 and possibly 2026.

According to showrunner David S. Goyer:

Foundation’ Season 3 Scripts Are Already Written, David S. Goyer: 

Foundation Season 3 Cast

Foundation is known for its large and diverse cast of characters, many of whom are played by different actors across different time periods. The show also introduces new characters every season, while giving some closure to others.

Goyer told Polygon that he felt it was important to give some of the characters like Bel (Tuppence Middleton), Hober (Terrence Mann), and Constant (Alfred Enoch) a lovely closure at the end of season 2.

He also said that he adored those characters, but he also felt that their fate was the right way to end their story. This implies that we might not see those characters again in season 3, or at least not in a major role.

However, this does not mean that we will lose all of our favourite characters from the previous seasons. Goyer also hinted that some familiar faces would return in season 3, along with new ones.

One of those familiar faces is likely to be Gaal Dornick (Lou Llobell), who was last seen being taken away by Brother Day (Lee Pace) at the end of season 2. Llobell told TechRadar that she hopes that Foundation gets a third season, but she did not confirm if she was part of it.

Another possible returning character is Salvor Hardin (Leah Harvey), who was revealed to be Hari Seldon’s (Jared Harris) daughter in season 2. Harvey also told TechRadar that she could not talk about season 3, but she did not deny being involved in it.

As far as new figures go, we can expect to see more versions of Asimov’s original ideas as well as ideas that Goyer and his writers come up with. One of the most anticipated figures in Asimov’s books is The Mule, a mysterious and powerful mutant who can mess up Hari Seldon’s plans for the Foundation. Goyer has hinted before that The Mule will show up on the show at some point, so it’s possible that we’ll meet him in Season 3.

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Foundation Season 3 Storyline

Foundation season 2 ended with a massive twist: Hari Seldon revealed that he had secretly implanted a device in Gaal Dornick’s brain that allowed him to communicate with her and manipulate her actions.

He also revealed that he had orchestrated the events of the first two seasons, including the creation of the Second Foundation, the destruction of the Star Bridge, and the rise of the Invictus. He then told Gaal that he had one final mission for her: to kill Brother Day, the immortal ruler of the Galactic Empire.

Meanwhile, Salvor Hardin discovered that she was Hari Seldon’s daughter and that she had inherited his gift of psychohistory, the science of predicting the future based on mathematical models. She also learned that she was part of a secret plan to preserve the legacy of humanity, along with Gaal and other members of the Second Foundation.

The season finale also showed us a glimpse of the future, where a new civilization called the Anacreonians had emerged from the ashes of the Empire. They were led by a charismatic leader named Bayta (Lola Kirke), who claimed to be a descendant of Salvor Hardin. She also had a mysterious companion named Toran (Max Irons), who seemed to have a connection to The Mule.

Foundation season 3 will likely pick up from where season 2 left off, and explore the consequences of Hari Seldon’s revelation and his plan for Gaal. It will also follow Salvor Hardin’s journey as she tries to understand her role in psychohistory and in the Foundation.

Moreover, it will introduce us to the Anacreonians and their conflict with the Empire, as well as their encounter with The Mule. Foundation season 3 will also continue to adapt Asimov’s novels while adding some original twists and surprises.

Goyer told Polygon that he has a clear vision for the show’s endgame and that he knows how many seasons it will take to get there. He also said that he has been faithful to Asimov’s themes and ideas while making some changes to make them more relevant and engaging for modern audiences.


The foundation is one of the most ambitious and impressive sci-fi shows ever made, and it has captivated millions of fans around the world with its epic story and stunning visuals. The show has also done justice to Isaac Asimov’s legendary novels while adding some fresh and creative elements to make them more appealing and accessible for modern viewers.

Foundation season 3 is not confirmed yet, but there are strong indications that it is already in production and will be released in 2025 or 2026. The third season will likely continue to follow the saga of the Foundation and its struggle to preserve humanity’s legacy, as well as introduce new characters and threats from Asimov’s novels.

Foundation season 3 will also reveal more secrets and mysteries about Hari Seldon’s plan and psychohistory, as well as his connection to Gaal Dornick and Salvor Hardin. Foundation season 3 will be another thrilling and spectacular adventure that fans of sci-fi and Asimov will not want to miss.

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