Food Wars Season 5 Dub Release Date Status, Where To Watch And Everything We Know!

“Shokugeki no Souma,” one of the best modern shounen of our time, is widely regarded as a masterpiece. Even though it doesn’t have a plot, what makes it so interesting is its ridiculous depiction of food. For those unfamiliar with the term “food porn,” “Food Wars” is essentially a shounen-themed fan service show.

Even if you’re not a fan of food, you’ll have a nice time watching this anime because of the mixture of drama and humor it has. For those who have followed “Food Wars” for a long, you may be wondering if there will be another season. We may have some good news for you, however. Continue reading for more information!

Food Wars Season 5 Release Date: When Will It Premiere?

‘Food Wars’ fourth season in 2019 was widely expected to be the series’ final chapter, but it appears like J.C Staff Studio has other ideas. “Food Wars” season 5 is now under production and is set to premiere on April 11, 2020, according to a recent statement from the production company.

Souma’s adventure as a chef is far from complete, and he will return with a “fifth dish” in 2020, according to the Weekly Shounen Jump magazine. Please check back here for updates as soon as we acquire any information about the upcoming season, which has not yet been released.

Food Wars English Dub:

Crunchyroll has all four seasons of ‘Food Wars,’ complete with English subtitles, accessible for viewing.

Food Wars Plot:

Even though Souma is one of those few students at the Tootsuki Culinary Academy who does not have an exceptional cooking background, his performance there indicates that he is no less talented than the other professional chefs. Souma’s culinary skills improve, but he also meets some lifelong companions in the academy’s fast-paced environment.

However, things begin to alter in the third season. “Classic” Shounen villains appear in the core arc of the series, threatening the future of the Academy. To regain the Academy for himself and his companions, Souma begins a “food war” against the Elite Ten.

In Season 4, Souma’s Rebels take against the Elite Ten in an epic Shokugeki duel. The Elites had a difficult time defeating the Rebels in the last battle for justice, despite being master cooks in their professions.

Season 5 is next, and it will continue the tale introduced in Season 4 with a second chapter. Once again, Soma and his squad will face off against the Elites in the upcoming season, which begins immediately following the conclusion of season 4. The Rebels will have to give it their all to save their school, and the stakes are now higher than they have ever been.

Food Wars Characters:

Souma Yukihira

The series’ central character, Souma, worked as a chef at his father’s restaurant before enrolling in Totsuki Academy. When it comes to cooking, he always strives to outdo his father. There are few things he enjoys more than improving as a chef. For someone who was brought up in an upper-middle-class household, Souma is quite self-confident about his cooking ability.

As soon as he joins the academy, he is thrust into a variety of difficult scenarios that would be enough to derail the best of chefs. His shortcomings don’t stop him from moving forward, and he refuses to let them hold him back. He also proves to be a worthy leader for the Rebellion in the third and fourth seasons.

He has a great grasp of his team’s dynamics and is always able to devise novel strategies to overcome his opponents. Despite his unusual methods, he always manages to conjure up some of the most mouthwatering culinary creations.

Nakiri Erina

Nakiri Erina, commonly known as “God’s Tongue,” hails from a distinguished line of world-renowned chefs and wields the best palate in the world. She, like Souma, is a leader for the Rebels during the clashes between the Elites and the Rebels, and this often causes friction between the two.

Nakiri, on the other hand, appears to be more stoic about her surroundings and a tad egotistical about her culinary prowess. The very mention of her name is enough to frighten most of her adversaries, who have a hard time dealing with her.

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