Fire in His Fingertips Season 2: Plot, Recap In 2022!

Fire in His Fingertips Season 1

Two characters’ blossoming romance was the primary plot of the first season. Ryo Fujihashi, a 24-year-old working professional, and Souma Mizuno, a firefighter and boyhood friend. When her set-up with a coworker fell through, she concluded that Souma was a player.

However, Ryo’s apartment burns down as a result of a chain of unfortunate occurrences. Although Souma comes to her aid, she still has nowhere to go. Some of their most memorable and enjoyable times together happen when he invites her to stay at his apartment. As the anime progresses, Ryo begins to feel the same way about Souma that he does for her.

His fingertips were like flames. Season 2 continues the excellent storytelling of the first season and features significant character growth. The televised version was edited down somewhat for airing. The original, uncut version of the anime was released, however, at ComicFesta. All told, there are 8 episodes in the series.

Fire in His Fingertips Season 2: Plot

To be released soon is Season 2 of “My Lover Is a Firefighter” (Koibito was Shouboushi). The plot of the new season looks taut and unpredictable, and the budding romance between Ryo and Souma will likely be given plenty of screen time.

fire in his fingertips season 2 release date
fire in his fingertips season 2 release date

Around the end of Season 1, Ryo and Souma start dating. They’ve never been more emotionally and physically connected. As they draw near, they encounter an invisible barrier. The ex-boyfriend and childhood friend of Ryo, Rei Hidaka, shows up at her place of work. Season 2 of Fire in His Fingertips will take us back in time to when the three of them were close. Right now, Ryo is trying not to get too close to him, but he has to work with him for many reasons and can’t get away from him.

Fire in His Fingertips Season 1 Recap

It’s currently one of the most popular smut anime series out there. After the success of the first season, it was expected that the anime would be renewed for a second. Seeing as how we were anticipating more Ryo and Souma content, this was to be expected. Recently, further details about the story’s supporting characters and settings were released. The new PV for season 2 of Fire in his Fingertips is even better news. Interested, right? We’ve thought of everything!

This anime, “Fire in His Fingertips,” is highly recommended. They eventually reconcile and work on their relationship after experiencing several love incidents and envious moments. Since many readers may be disturbed by the series’ gory content, it was split into two editions. The first was the broadcast version, while the second was an uncut premium version. Each edition featured a different group of voice actors.

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