Euphoria Season 3: Will This Series Continue On For Another Season?

With an average of 16.3 million viewers tuned in for each episode of season 2, Euphoria ranked second on HBO after Game of Thrones. And since the second season’s conclusion last year, fans have been clamoring to learn whether a third season will be produced.

The drama centers on Zendaya’s character Rue Bennett, a high school girl who lives in the made-up city of East Highland, California. Although the other members of her friend circle deal with their problems with love, money, social media, and body image, she is a suffering drug addict. Since the show’s debut, it has naturally attracted a sizable fan base, and now those people demand more. So, will there be a third season of Euphoria?

While the show’s second season was aired, a third season of Euphoria was announced, much to the delight of fans. Even if the next season is still a long off, fans will see more of their favorite characters. The stunning conclusion of the last season has left viewers wondering where the tale will head. So, this is what we currently know about the forthcoming Euphoria season.

Will Season 3 of Euphoria Be Released?

Euphoria was extended for a third season on 4 February 2023 via Instagram. Fans were encouraged by a small clip in the post. Also, Collider claimed via Production Weekly that HBO would begin filming this month (February). Fans may get a new season shortly. Zendaya hinted that the gang might not reunite for a while.

Euphoria Season 3
Euphoria Season 3

Donni Davy, the makeup department leader, confirmed that one episode took one month to film. If the upcoming season runs as long as the last two, filming will finish in November. Some fans believe the third season could air in the second half of 2023. But, post-production is required even if the show finishes filming this year. Its release in the first half of 2024 is more likely.

The third season has no trailer or poster. Nonetheless, these will likely be launched soon, and fans eagerly await their debut. Everyone wants more Euphoria episodes.

Which Cast Members Will Be Returning?

Zendaya has announced her third season as Rue Bennett. Fans speculated that Rue would die in the last season. It would be tough to kill off the show’s title character when a new season is coming, so viewers are lucky. The other significant actors will return next season. It includes:

  • Hunter Schafer as Jules
  • Jacob Elordi as Nate
  • Alexa Demie as Maddy
  • Algee Smith as Chris
  • Sydney Sweeney as Cassie
  • Maude Apatow as Lexi
  • Dominic Fike as Elliot
  • Nika King as Leslie
  • Storm Reid as Gia

Barbie Ferreira, who played fan-favorite Kat in Euphoria for two seasons, will not return for the third season. Whether her character will be written out or replaced by another actress is unknown. Although a different actress could play Barbie, it would be hard to imagine.

Many also believe Barbie left after a feud with show creator Sam Levinson. In an interview, the actress explained the media exaggerates rumors. Ferreira acknowledged that the two only clashed a few times over minor issues, which was not as significant as many have made it out to be. Many worried that Austin Abrams, who plays Barbie’s ex-boyfriend Ethan, might go too, but that hasn’t been verified.

Let’s check out more series-related content:

Sydney Sweeney discussed Cassie’s season two fate in another interview. After reading the final season screenplay, she feared her character would die in the scenario where she drove with Nate with her torso partly out the window. Sydney was “distraught” since this felt tragic. Later, it was just Cassie having fun. But these feelings must come from someplace, which may be her fate next season.

Fans also want Colman Domingo, who played wise Ali, back. He appears to be returning to the series, and maybe the following season will develop his tale. After discussing a cameo with Sam Levinson, Zendaya said Tom Holland wants a more extensive involvement in the program.

What Will the Plot Be?

At Lexi’s Our Lives show, Maddie and Cassie clashed. After Cassie’s breakdown over the play and Nate, her ex, Next season will describe their massive repercussions. Sydney Sweeney may have suggested a more significant conflict between closest friends.

Sweeney claimed Cassie discovered a darker side to her character after Euphoria season two. She focused on Cassie’s last-season “crazier than Maddy” comment. The actress added Cassie might become darker for love. As Sweeney anticipated in season 2, the character may research if this would destroy her.

Emi tweeted that Euphoria Season 3. You can check below:

Nate and Cal Jacobs (Eric Dane) finished. Nate reported his father to the police, giving all his footage. Thankfully, Jules’ tape from Nate is excluded. Nate’s season is questionable after his breakdown during Lexi’s play. Cal and Derek’s relationship dominated season two. Will it? What if Cal’s jailed? That raises questions about Nate Jacobs’ parents, played by Paula Marshall and Rebecca Louise in Ruminations: Big and Little Bullys, and whether guest appearances will continue into Season 3.

Hence, Fezco and Ashtray’s tragic ending shocked spectators. The finale was the police invading the attractive drug dealer’s home. Faye’s lover, Custer, reported Mouse’s murder. While Fez prepared to see Lexi’s play, police broke into Ashtray’s house and opened fire. Fez tried to stop the SWAT team from shooting Ash, but they did.

While he will return as Fezco, Angus Cloud didn’t know what to expect from season 3. Fans await Lexi’s reaction to Fez’s fate after their romance. Colman Domingo and Sam Levinson discussed season three. Levinson would “big swings” with the plot and actors, but he didn’t know what. Time will tell.

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