Encanto Dolores: is She the Bad Guy Who Ruined Everything?

Disney’s approach to narrative through culture is being expanded by Encanto. Because each member of the Madrigal family has unique abilities and personalities, audiences are drawn to them. Dolores (voiced by Adassa) is thought to be the culprit and to be to blame for the candle’s loss of enchantment in Encanto, according to a recent theory.

Dolores is Mirabelle’s Oldest Cousin in ‘Encanto’

The narrative centres on Mirabel, a youngster from Colombia (voiced by Stephanie Beatriz). Each Madrigal family member gets access to a magical candle that gives them special abilities. Mirabel, however, is the only individual who did not receive a gift when she reached adulthood. She quickly learns that the powers of her family members are waning, and she must find a means to prevent this from happening to save them.

In Encanto, Dolores is Mirabel’s senior cousin. She is a minor character with extraordinary hearing ability. As a result, Mirabel finds herself in difficulty when she hears Bruno think that she might be to blame for the magic fading.

‘Encanto’ Theory Suggests That Dolores is the Villain Who Broke the Magic

Dolores might be the bad guy in Encanto, according to a notion on the Film Theorists YouTube channel. The evidence supports her desire for the magic of the family to go.

The super hearing may appear to be a beautiful gift on paper, but according to one belief, it is miserable for Dolores. Multiple instances of this are shown in Encanto, such as when Dolores recoils in response to pyrotechnics and can pick up little sounds like her family blinking their eyes.

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The human brain’s amygdala, which manages emotional reactions, is described in The Film Theorists. Dolores’ extra-sensitive hearing causes her to frequently experience overstimulation in Encanto. As a result, she constantly experiences sensory overload.

In Encanto, Dolores decides to keep a lot of facts hidden from her family. For all those years, she could hear Bruno in the walls, but she decided not to tell anyone. She would also have heard the house shake, but she decides not to defend Mirabel. She “weaponized” Mirabel and told the family about her secret regarding Bruno’s vision, knowing how it would cause them to fall out.

Encanto Dolores
Encanto Dolores

Mariano and Isabela’s courtship is shown in Encanto by Diane Guerrero as Isabela (voiced by Maluma). Thoughts of him exist between Dolores, though. If she eliminates the magic, she might be able to get rid of super hearing and have a shot with Mariano. She dislikes Isabela for Mariano’s adoration, after all.

The Film Theorists finally discuss the conclusion that occurs once the house is rebuilt. After the spell is gone and Mariano finally acknowledges her, Dolores is depicted in Encanto as being much happier. However, the final door also features a dejected-appearing Dolores beside the smiling Madrigal family. She is the only person in the story without a puckered mouth.

Disney Typically Includes a Villain Arc

Disney stories frequently feature a villain arc. As a result, some fans even favour the villains in the stories over the heroes. However, Encanto stands out for lacking a clear antagonist. Instead, it’s a tale about family and what it means to value one another’s uniqueness.

But according to this hypothesis, Dolores from Encanto is the bad guy. Although it isn’t as overt as most other Disney movies, it is still obvious that she has her own goals. Although the hypothesis hasn’t been confirmed by the directors, it has fans speculating about the likelihood that the antagonist in Disney’s most recent film exists.

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