Destiny 2 Season 19 Dungeon Release Date And Story In 2022!

Destiny 2 Season 19 Dungeon: represents the last season before Bungie launches it’s next huge expansion in the shape of Lightfall. That implies we’re certain to see some huge changes coming to the game when the Destiny 2 Season 19 release date rolls around.

Destiny 2 Season 19 Release Date

Season 19 of Destiny 2 will go live on the 6th of December, 2022. This is a rough estimate based on the end of the Season 18 Battle Pass for Destiny 2, which often coincides with the start of the next season. The release of the Destiny 2 Lightfall expansion on February 28, 2023, suggests that Season 19 will begin on December 6 and run through the end of February of that year. likewise, now we can see people searching for Destiny 2 Season 19 Dungeon

Destiny 2 Season 19 story

There isn’t much we know about Season 19 of Destiny 2, but we do know that it will be massive. It will likely set up a climatic battle between the Guardians, Callus, and The Witness, as it will be the final season before the release of the Lightfall expansion. The Lightfall teaser trailer hinted at a brand new city and race, and we may get a look of them. It’s safe to say that tensions are about to rise.

What Will Season 19 Be About In Destiny 2?

All too often, Bungie waits until the very last minute to announce any future activities. To give you an idea, an hour before Season 18 was published, Bungie announced the title and released a trailer for it. So, it’s probably safe to assume that for Season 19, Bungie will stick with the same formula.

However, the story’s central theme or focus is currently unknown. As the final season before the introduction of the Lightfall downloadable content, Season 19 is eagerly anticipated by players. Seasons that occur prior to the release of DLC tend to be well received by players.

Destiny 2 Season 19 Dungeon
Destiny 2 Season 19 Dungeon

The subject matter of Season 19 has been the subject of much speculation and gossip. The AI Rasputin has been offline since Season of Arrivals in 2020, hence the leaks hint that the season will focus on the Guardian and Ana Bray’s efforts to get him back online.

It has also been said that Saint-14 and Mithrax have been rumoured to have examined the dead body of Quria, the Season of Splicer’s final boss, in order to glean knowledge. Season 19’s events are still up in the air, as we go to a new planet in the Lightfall DLC to take on the Witness.

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