8 Iconic Anime Characters With Purple Hair In 2022!

1) Yoruichi Shihohin (Anime: Bleach)

Yoruichi was born into one of the Soul Society’s Four Great Noble Families, yet he has never developed any noble mannerisms. Yoruichi dislikes it when those closest to her use honorific prefixes, since she prefers to do things her own way.

Yoruichi was once the leader of the Onmitsukid and the Second Division of Gotei 13. If she wants to, she can change into a tiny black cat. She is an expert in Hakuda, Shumpo, and Kido, and, as befits a genius, she combined Hakuda and Kido to create a new form she called Shunko.

2) Kamishiro Rize (Anime: Tokyo Ghoul)

Due to her voracious appetite, Kamishiro Rize earned the moniker “Binge Eater” amongst her fellow Ghouls. Before she was killed, she was seen as an extremely dangerous opponent by the majority of Tokyo’s Ghouls. She played the femme fatale role to people who couldn’t resist her mysterious feminine charm.

Rize first appeared in the first episode, and she immediately set her sights on Ken Kaneki after realizing that he had developed romantic feelings for her. Thankfully, Rize took a hit from many beams of steel before she could finish off Kaneki. After the latter was critically injured, Professor Akihiro Kanou decided to perform an organ transplant, turning him into a half-Ghoul.

3) Blair (Anime: Soul Eater)

Blair, who calls herself a “cat with strong magical powers,” was previously mistaken for a real witch by Soul Eater’s protagonist and Maka Albarn. Blair is the complete antithesis of a cat, despite her disposition possessing many cat-like features, such as being aggressive and rebellious.

She enjoys ogling Soul with her ample breasts. Blair has nine lives because she is a cat, and she will only die for good when she has been murdered nine times.

4) Sheele (Anime: Akame Ga Kill!)

Sheele is one of the Revolutionary Army’s Night Raid’s fiercest members, but she’s also a giant ditz who constantly misplaces her spectacles and forgets to perform her tasks. Sheele is a caring person who looks out for her friends and teammates.
When she is about to kill someone, however, her demeanor abruptly shifts, and she becomes a cold-blooded killer. Sheele thinks the only thing she’s good at is getting rid of the corrupt leaders of the Empire.
characters with purple hair
characters with purple hair

5) Atsushi Murasakibara (Anime: Kuroko’s Basketball)

Atsushi Murasakibara stands out among the other members of Generations of Miracles because of his towering stature. He’s 6 feet 10 inches tall and his purple hair is just past his shoulders. No other high school center comes close to matching Musakibara’s level of expertise. His personality is quite nuanced, swinging between mild sadism and childishness.

Musakibara lacks the team’s shared enthusiasm for basketball. Just because he’s skilled at it doesn’t mean he has to play the game. Muskaibara doesn’t like the game, and he hates anyone else who enjoys it. He is not willing to put up the effort required to reach his full potential because he is afraid that his opponents will take advantage of his towering stature.

6) Kyoka Jiro (Anime: My Hero Academia)

Kyoka Jiro, the Hearing Hero of 1A, takes a realistic view of life. She has no qualms about using her Earphone Jacks Quirk as a means of physical punishment on those who annoy her, such as Denki Kaminari. Kyoka may appear unfeeling, yet she cares deeply for her friends, namely Momo Yaoyorozu.

Since Kyoka can pick up on even the faintest of noises and vibrations thanks to her Earphone Jack Quirk, she always has a leg up on her foes. She can also create a powerful soundwave that can break the ground by slamming her Earphone Jack.

7) Motoko Kusanagi (Anime: Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex)

Motoko Kusanagi rose to prominence in the police force and earned the moniker “The Major.” Her section under the Japanese National Public Safety Commission, Section 9, is famous even amongst its peers. As a highly developed cyborg, Motoko’s only remaining biological component is her brain.

She is skilled with a wide variety of lethal weaponry, but she relies on her Seburo M-5 pistol and C-26 assault rifle most often when engaging in combat. Each of Motoko and her team’s accomplished missions can be directly attributed to her unwavering self-assurance and pure willpower.

8) Anko Mitarashi (Anime: Naruto)

When it comes to kunoichi, Anko Mitarashi is up there with the best that Konoha has ever produced. During her time as a genin, Anko was assigned to work with two other people under Orochimaru’s direction. The former was skilled enough to pick up several of the latter’s defining moves, such as Hidden Shadow Snake Hands and Snake Clone Technique.

Despite his ninja skill, Anko is shown to be a brash, impulsive kunoichi with a loud tongue. Anko’s bravery stems from the fact that she is willing to risk all to safeguard her friends.

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