Call of the Night Characters and Skills Explained!

Nazuna Nanakusa

Nazuna takes life quite easygoing. She isn’t particularly outgoing, but she seems to put people at ease wherever she goes. She’s friendly to everyone and talks to everybody, including those who could hate her due of her vampire status.

Nazuna is happiest in the company of partygoers, and she relishes the opportunity to introduce visitors to the city’s vibrant nightlife scene.

She doesn’t go about bragging about the fact that she can drink blood, but she is more forthcoming about her vampire status than you might think. For one thing, she refuses to take liquids from anyone who has not given her permission to do so. Some individuals can be swayed by hearing that she is a vampire, while others are just into that type of stuff. Being a good person is really important to her.

Nazuna has no qualms talking about s**uality. She has a significant negative reaction of humiliation whenever the word “love” is used in a romantic context, however.

Nazuna exudes an air of mystery, although she can be protective, as evidenced by her reaction when Kou Yamori revealed that the vampire sitting next to her had s***ed his blood.

Kou Yamori

Kou is popular and well-liked among his peers. Kou has lived what appears to be a great and fulfilling life, but he still feels a lack of something. He is not driven to continue his stellar academic success and dislikes being the centre of attention. Kou has the same problem as the rest of the kids when trying to empathise with them. He swiftly makes the decision to abandon his school life in favour of a solitary existence.

He’s remarkably self-assured and fearless for a boy of 14, as seen by his willingness to explore the city at night unaccompanied and by his willingness to get engaged with vampires. As an added bonus, he is able to hold his own in talks with people who are much older and more seasoned than himself. The fact that he either can’t sleep at all or sleeps very little is a major issue for him, and this contributes to his initially glum demeanour. He has a fascination with vampires, is unable to grasp the concept of love, and wishes to become one.

Kabura Honda

Kabura exudes melancholy and is visibly damaged on the inside.

In the company of her fellow vampires, Kabura often adopts a lighthearted demeanour. She has a reputation for wanting to steal other people’s belongings and delights in taunting them.

She is completely forthright and doesn’t mince words when she’s on the job. On the other hand, she enjoys goofing off with her clients.

That she can be shockingly nice is noteworthy. Kabura told Kou and Nazuna, despite their embarrassment at having made a fool of themselves by trying to pull off a badass line when exploring her background, that their lines sounded quite great.

call of the night anime characters

In her human form, Kabura was considerably more outgoing than she is now. Due to her frequent hospitalizations, she avoided making commitments for fear of letting others down. Even when her nose started bleeding, she held off on getting aid. She desperately wanted to be a normal teenager, but her condition prevented her from doing so.

When individuals close to her, like her mother or her friends, ignored her, she would pretend it didn’t bother her. But when she saw that her friends didn’t make an effort to comprehend her or show genuine concern for her, she lost all compassion and admitted that she despised the entire world. The only people she truly despised were her family and her closest friends. Even though she had an aversion to male company, she really sought a partner.

Akira Asai

Akira is a well-behaved student who never misses a class and always does her homework. She’s sociable and trusting, so she lets her pals Kou Yamori and Mahiru Seki mess with her all the time.

She distrusts vampires and would rather avoid them altogether. She considers Kou to be her little brother and cares deeply about him, so much so that she supports him in his quest to become a vampire despite being terrified of the creatures.

Haru Nanakusa

Haru was described as a very active, caring, and affectionate person who spent a great deal of time with a young Kabura, giving her both material and emotional support, hoping for the best for her, and asking her many probing questions about her life that caused Kabura to deeply consider who she was and where she was going.

She was incredibly intuitive, knowing Kabura loved her before she ever told her so, but she didn’t feel the same way and turned Kabura into a vampire to spare her the pain.

Haru’s temper might become volcanic at the slightest provocation. Her anger after learning that Kabura’s acquaintances had gossiped about her behind her back led her to suggest murder.

Like her daughter, she had a serious drinking problem, as evidenced by the fact that she needed to visit multiple bars in a single evening to quench her thirst.

Mahiru Seki

The character Mahiru plays a supporting role in Call of the Night. Along with Kou Yamori and Akira Asai, he’s been friends with Kiku Hoshimi since they were kids, and he’s hoping she’ll transform him into a vampire.

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Kiku Hoshimi

Kiku’s nature is virtually unpredictable, but on the surface she appears lovely and empathetic, which is why she and Mahiru Seki soon become friends through Mahiru’s side gig as a flower courier.

According to Hatsuka Suzushiro, she is the most powerful vampire, with over fifty underlings, despite the fact that she frequently says she doesn’t want any. After their transformation into vampires, she typically abandons them.

Kiyosumi Shirakawa

Call of the Night features a minor character named Kiyosumi Shirakawa (Shirakawa Kiyosumi?). Before Nazuna Nanakusa met Kou Yamori, she was one of Nazuna’s clients.

Lira Echigo

Call of the Night’s ancillary character Lira Echigo ( Echigo Rira? She enrols in the evening course that Nico Hirata teaches, and there she meets Kou Yamori, whom she immediately falls in love with.


There’s a character in Call of the Night named LoveGreen (LoveGreen Rabugurn?). He is a hikikomori otaku who has never seen other vampires and was made Midori Kohakobe’s underling 20 years before the events of the story.

Mahiru Seki

Seki Mahiru? is the Call of the Night auxiliary character Mahiru Seki. He’s been friends with Kou Yamori and Akira Asai since they were kids, and he’s secretly in love with Kiku Hoshimi, the vampire queen.

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