Brett Love Is Blind Season 4: Are They Still Together?

The sun is shining, it’s spring, and there’s a brand new season of Love Is Blind on Netflix. The perfect way to start the weekend? Yes, I think.

The hit reality dating show will start its fourth season on March 24 with 30 new singles, and the first five episodes will keep you glued to the TV. Love Is Blind is a dating show where 15 single women and 15 single men go on dates with each other to find their soulmates. What’s up? The dates happen in small pods with a wall between each couple.

Nick and Vanessa Lachey remind everyone at the start of the new season that the only way to see what’s on the other side of the wall is to get engaged and agree to marry each other without ever seeing it.

You might have many questions about how well this “love is blind” method works in real life, and you might also be interested in hearing about the five couples who make it out of the pods. Brett Brown and Tiffany Pennywell, to be specific. In a word, everyone is obsessed with these two. They seemed like they were meant to be together.

What Has Happened During Season 4

Tiffany, 37, and Brett, 36, seem to effortlessly skate above it all, in a cloud of fresh love, despite this season introducing an entirely new level of turmoil.

Brett Love Is Blind Season 4
Brett Love Is Blind Season 4

These singles from Seattle are naturally apprehensive about entering the pods, and it’s easy to sympathize with their feelings. Tiffany is nervous that other people would be put off by her age. Still, Brett can rapidly alleviate her concerns with his exceptional listening abilities and lovable, cuddly nature.

Tiffany And Brett Connected In Pods

Every season has a couple that makes you believe in the whole thing, and Tiffany and Brett are that couple this time. Sparks start flying as soon as they start talking in the pods, and you’ll be grinning from your couch.

Brett opens up to Tiffany, ready to hear everything about him. Brett is a design director and makes shoes, which is fantastic. He gives her the first shoe he ever made and tells her he wants to marry soon.

Brett also tells Tiffany that his brother died after getting engaged in an accident. He says that the terrible thing made him very aware that he will die, and Tiffany is there to help her man through a hard time. Both in the pods and in my house, there are a lot of tears.

Only one thing goes wrong: Tiffany falls asleep while Brett tells her he loves her and is pouring his heart out to her. Brett thinks Tiffany has left the room but is on the couch with her blanket wrapped around her. Brett is hurt a lot but forgives Tiffany, and everything returns to normal.

They Decide To Marry

Ring the bells for the wedding! After nap-gate, Tiffany and Brett get engaged. When they finally meet in real life, it’s adorable, and the physical attraction they feel is a perfect complement to all of the emotional bonding they’ve experienced in the pods. I get the impression that these two will get along well.

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Are They Still Together?

The only thing that can tell for sure is time, but if we believe the teaser, they will at least make it to the altar.

In addition, Women’s Health conducted some undercover work and obtained a few Instagram receipts from which to draw. We assume that they will continue to be together when filming has concluded.

Brynn tweeted on her twitter account. You can check at below:

To begin, one of Tiffany’s close friends left a comment on the LIB promotion post she shared, saying, “Finally!!!” Tiffany exclaimed after the announcement that there would be no more surprises. Thank you very much, boo!” Also, there is the fact that three of Tiffany’s close friends are following Brett on Instagram, and he is following them back. Hence, everything appears to be generally proceeding if the pals are on board.

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