Blood And Water’ Season 3 Trailer Shows Tough Times Ahead For Parkhurst High

Blood And Water Season 3 Trailer:  If you are a fan of high school drama with a thrilling mix of crime, scheming, money, and plain teenage exuberance. Then you should definitely check out Blood & Water, a South African teen drama series that can be found streaming on Netflix.

In September 2021, after being delayed by a pandemic, the second season of the hit drama finally premiered. Now, going on more than a year, the streamer has announced that Puleng Khumalo (Ama Qamata) and the somewhat spoiled rich kids of Parkhurst High will be returning to our screens on November 25.

Drama surrounding Puleng and her lost but now-found sister, Fikile Bhele aka Fiks (Khosi Ngema), has persisted after Netflix released a teaser for the upcoming season of one of its most-watched original series in Africa. After Principal Nicole Daniels’ (Sandi Schultz) opening remarks to the new school year, the camera shifts to the “cool kids” of Parkhurst High School reuniting.

Chris Ackerman (Aro Greeff) says to the trio of Karabo ‘KB’ Molapo (Thabang Molaba), Reece Van Rensburg (Gretel Fincham) and Fikile, “So no flaking this year.” Keep it together! Van Rensburg responds, and the other members of the quartet burst out laughing. Certainly, that promise will not be kept.

Puleng introduces her cousin Lunga to the group, but in typical Ackerman fashion, Chris is not the most welcoming. Siya (Odwa Gwanya), the younger brother of Puleng and presumably Fikele, seems to have tangled with somebody considerably larger than him.

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The question of whether or not Siya has a bigger role than in the previous two seasons is an intriguing one. Despite everything, Fikile is finally accepting her situation and making efforts to get to know her biological parents. Thandeka Khumalo (Gail Mabalane), Fiks’ birth mother, reveals her Zulu heritage to her daughter in front of her adopted father, Brian Bhele (Patrick Mofokeng).

The Ackerman and the quartet, who are experts at throwing parties, decide to host one as the video nears its conclusion. KB is overheard praising the perseverance of hardy people, and it appears that Van Rensburg has not yet given up her drug dealing ways.

Blood And Water Season 3 Trailer
Blood And Water Season 3 Trailer

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As has become the norm for incidents involving Parkhurst High School students as of late, the police are close by as Fikile and Puleng appear to be struggling to adjust to their new lives and the many changes that have occurred. Fikile’s emotional roller coaster is yet to be seen after her “real” mother, Nwabisa Bhele (Xolile Tshabalala), was arrested at the end of season two for trafficking her. Keep in mind that the problem of child trafficking is still not solved.

Blood And Water Season 3 Trailer

On November 25, 2018, the third season of Blood & Water will be available on Netflix. Previous seasons can also be viewed on this streaming service. Watch the clip down below:

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