Big Sky Season 3: Release Date, Trailer, Cast & Latest Updates in 2022!

When Is The Big Sky Season 3 Release Date?

In the second half of the 2021–2022 TV season, Big Sky will replace A Million Little Things. Since the fifth season of A Million Little Things will not start until after the holidays, it is unknown whether or not Big Sky will be relocated or if A Million Little Things will also be given a new night.

New episodes of Big Sky Season 2 are debuting on Disney Plus in the UK right now. Unfortunately, we still don’t have any information about when Season 3 episodes will be added to the service.

Who Is In The Big Sky Season 3 Cast?

We know that series leads Katheryn Winnick and Kylie Bunbury will return as Jessie Hoyt and Cassie Dewell, respectively, for season 3 of Big Sky, but ABC has not yet released an official cast list for the upcoming third season. Season 3 will also see the introduction of a few new (or at least mostly new) characters.

Season 2 of Big Sky included Jamie Lynn-Siegler (The Sopranos, Entourage) as a frequent guest star, but season 3 will establish her as a series regular. New sheriff Beau Arlen, played by Jensen Ackles (The Boys, Supernatural), was introduced in the second season finale. Additionally, country music superstar and actress Reba McEntire have joined the cast in the role of Sunny Brick. Sunny is the erratic matriarch of the Brick family, successful wilderness outfitters with a dark history of missing clientele.

Big Sky Season 3
Big Sky Season 3

Characters played by Brian Geraghty (Ronald Bergman), Dedee Pfeiffer (Denise Brisbane), Omar Metwally (Mark Lindor), Anja Savcic (Scarlet Leyendecker), Janina Gavankar (Ren), and others are set to return for Big Sky season 3.

REVISION, August 5: ABC has confirmed that Rosanna Arquette will be a recurring guest star on Big Sky for its third season. Virginia “Gini” Cessna, Jenny Hoyt’s mother, has been cast in the role. Gini is described as a “world-class scam artist” who returns to Helena for her latest deception, which will require her to work on her strained relationship with Jenny.

What Is The Big Sky Season 3 Plot?

In Big Sky, portrayed by Winnick and Bunbury respectively, a private investigator and a former police officer work together to solve issues affecting the local community, such as kidnappings and interactions with organized crime groups. Season 3 of Big Sky has not been officially synopsized, but we can get a sense of what will happen based on the events of the previous two seasons (SPOILERS AHEAD).

The inquiry into a car crash outside of Helena, Montana, quickly escalated into a showdown with a violent gang known as The Syndicate. Scarlet Leyendecker and her daughter Phoebe flee to Canada when Scarlet’s husband, Wolf Legarski, is killed in the course of this story. Phoebe is left behind in Michigan with Scarlet’s relatives. In addition to Beau Arlen’s arrival as the new sheriff, other major plot points include the possibility that Kate is still alive and Travis’ release from custody to go find her; Jag’s murder of his father and subsequent escape; Ren and Alicia’s possible formation of an uneasy alliance; and Jag’s possible return to the fold.

It’s safe to assume that these plots will all carry on at least a little bit in the upcoming season, but we also know that Reba McEntire’s new character and the dubious history of her family’s business will be featured prominently.

Is There a Big Sky Season 3 Trailer?

The official trailer for season 3 of Big Sky has been out, and it shows our new lead three Katheryn Winnick, Kylie Bunbury, and Jensen Ackles investigating the disappearance of a hiker, which takes them to an excursion company run by Reba McEntire’s new character. Take a look down here:

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