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Issue #3 of Batman Incorporated (Volume 1) was published in March 2011. Released to the public on March 9, 2011.

Synopsis for “Scorpion Tango”

At the lowest point of the Falklands War, the finest super-spy in the world revealed himself to be a double agent and withdrew to a lighthouse on Lafonia, the most southeastern island. All five heroes strode in, but only the Knight could muster the strength to leave.

Cimarron, a member of the Super Malon hero team investigating the disappearance of several children, was today exposed as a rat by the Argentine super-criminal El Papagayo. The enemy knocks the hero unconscious, only to be surprised by El Gaucho and Batman. After quickly dispatching the criminals, the two free heroes hear rumors of a mysterious employer and a “blue lady” who has before crossed paths with Cimarron. As the heroes draw near, El Papagayo is murdered by a robotic scorpion, leaving behind only mystery… and a parrot squawking about “Oroboro.”

In the spring, if you’re in Buenos Aires, you can’t miss the private race track at the magnificent homes of Don Santiago Vargas. As a destination for the world’s princes, sheiks, and potentates in search of adventure, Buenos Aires’ most eligible bachelors attract a who’s who of the world’s ultra-wealthy and stunning.

Batman Incorporated Vol 3

Among them is a certain Bruce Wayne, a recent transplant to the area, who has caught the eye of one of the city’s most alluring beauties, Tristessa Delicias. They dance the tango, much to the chagrin of Vargas, who had a romantic past with Tristessa. While dancing, Wayne observes that Tristessa is employing the fabled “Tango del Muerte,” and after she gives him a ring, Wayne decides to stay with his host.

In the privacy of Vargas’s basement, Batman and El Gaucho are unmasked to Bruce Wayne and his friends (although Gaucho does not believe that Batman is Bruce Wayne). They discuss the ring Tristessa Delicias gave Batman, which features a snake biting its tail and the word “Oroboro” engraved on it, as evidence of her secret identity as Scorpion. According to Gaucho, Cimarron had been investigating El Papagayo’s ties to a United Nations intelligence agency from a long time ago when he stumbled onto this case.

Meanwhile, Gaucho is trying to find three blind street kids who were abducted by criminals. He does, however, take the time to assist Batman in his investigation into “Oroboro,” which is the name of a collection of short stories set in Argentina and revolving around a mysterious manipulator named Doctor Dedalus. Espartaco Extrano was supposedly killed in the Casa D’Oro by three blind assassins, but it turned out that the whole thing was a hoax written by a group of poets known as “The Florida Group.”

Right then, Gaucho’s police alert goes off, signaling that the criminals involved in the case of the missing children have sent a message that leads to… the Casa D’Oro. When our heroes finally arrive, the cops have already lost two men and are ready to back down. A message from a man they believed dead instructs them to battle to the death or the three children will be slain as soon as the heroes enter the building and the doors slam shut behind them.

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