Gotham Knights: Everything We Know About the Next Batman Game in 2022!

When is the Gotham Knights Release Date?

On October 25, 2022, you can buy Gotham Knights. Gotham Knights’ release date has been pushed back from its original 2020 projection because the game requires “additional time to create the finest possible experience for gamers,” according to a March 2021 update(opens in new tab) from the game’s developers.

What’s the Gotham Knights story?

In the opening moments of Gotham Knights, Bruce Wayne is killed in an instant. In the event of his death, Batman intended for other members of the Bat Family to take over the city of Gotham. Bruce has destroyed the Bat Cave and left the Belfry tower for the crew to use as their new headquarters.

Though they were at odds with the G.C.P.D. after Jim Gordon’s death, Robin, Red Hood, Batgirl, and Nightwing have united to safeguard Gotham.

The Court of Owls, a secret society based in Gotham, will also have an important part to play. It appears that there are a lot of their Talon assassins to deal with in the city, based on the rows of frozen containers shown at the end of the reveal trailer.

Do not be deceived by the ambiguous ending of Arkham Knight, which may hint at a similar scenario in a future game; WB has said that Gotham Knights takes place in a different timeline. Instead of Arkham, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League(opens in a new tab) will carry the torch.

Was Batman truly killed off? Patrick Redding, the director of creative operations, claims that Batman has passed away for real. I guess we’ll have to wait and see. In addition, Redding claims that Harley Quinn may make an appearance but the Joker won’t and that there will be “exactly one” Riddler trophy.

Which characters Appear in Gotham Knights?

While Bruce Wayne is away, the city of Gotham can rely on his four cousins, the Knights of the Bat Family. It’s safe to say that Gotham Knights isn’t an origin narrative, seeing as how several of the vigilante crew are seen to be well developed after a few name changes.

The heroes now gain experience even when you’re not using them, which is one of the more intriguing new features (opens in a new tab). It was confirmed that all four protagonists in Gotham Knights have the same plot path during an interview with GamesRadar(opens in new tab creative )’s director Patrick Redding and executive producer Fleur Marty. This means that you shouldn’t feel penalized for not sticking with your favorite character and that switching between them should be simple.

batman gotham knights release date

Robin – Tim Drake

Third, to wear the Robin identity in Gotham is Tim Drake. Drake is the youngest of the squad, but he also happens to be the most astute and skilled investigator.

Since the events of Gotham Knights, Tim has developed into “an expert fighter armed with his collapsible quarterstaff and skilled in the art of stealth, Tim also possesses a background in combined psychological warfare and behavioural sciences, all of which sets the stage for him to accomplish any mission.”

In the reveal trailer, he may be seen working alongside his favoured team. In addition to the gameplay breakdown and reveal trailer, you can also see a few potential Robin costumes.

Batgirl – Barbara Gordon

Barbara Gordon, also known as Batgirl, Oracle, and Batgirl once again, is a member of the Knights. She is the tech-savvy, martial arts-trained daughter of the late GCPD commissioner Jim Gordon.

WB claims she will be a major player in Gotham Knights “extremely skilled in a number of different forms of martial arts, including kickboxing, capoeira, and jiu-jitsu. The tonfa is one of her go-to weapons. Barbara is also quite competent in breaking into computer systems and coding programmes in order to uncover hidden information.”

A wheelchair may be seen in the background of Batgirl’s lair, indicating that the game takes place after her time as Oracle, during which she was paralyzed. She has since made a full recovery and is once again going by her Batgirl moniker, right alongside a veritable horde of Robins.

Nightwing – Dick Grayson

The First Robin Nightwing (formerly Dick Grayson) is the group’s acrobatics expert and goes to battle with two escrima sticks.

They’re calling him from Gotham Knights “he is the family’s natural leader, their biggest cheerleader, and their most magnetic personality. He came from an unconventional but loving circus family and as a result, he places a premium on tight relationships.”

It would be cool if WB took use of the romantic past between Dick and Barbara by pairing them together on the Knights team.

Red Hood – Jason Todd

Jason Todd, the second Robin, is a new member and goes by the name Red Hood. His relationship with the Batmans, especially his successor Tim as Robin, is fraught. After his death and subsequent resurrection, he underwent several personality shifts that put him at odds with Bruce and company. Although his history with the Bat gang, WB says, has been resolved by the story’s time, it remains a possible point of contention.

Gotham Knights claim that he has several additional abilities as well “Jason has honed his body to its physical peak, and he is an expert with both conventional and cutting-edge weapons. After making peace with the Batfamily, he began to adopt Batman’s philosophy of nonlethal conflict resolution.” Ignore the dual pistols, please. We have no reason to believe they are lethal.

Here Are All the Gotham Knights Trailers

Gotham Knights’ initial reveal trailer (which opens in a new tab) introduces you to the game’s setting and the playable heroes. Batman has delegated city protection to four members of the Bat Family after blowing up the Batcave.

The Court of Owls is the focus of Gotham Knights’ second major story trailer, which you can watch in a new tab. They’re not just a myth, contrary to what Nightwing originally states. The Court of Owls is the unseen ruler of Gotham City, first introduced in a popular comic book narrative in 2011. This preview shows that they also have assassins at their disposal, and they are armed to the teeth.

To get a feel for how the original Bat-vibe sons will translate into gameplay, check out this brief Nightwing character trailer(opens in a new tab) from Summer Games Fest 2022. Quick on his feet, he is. He thinks the best is yet to come. For the sake of the city that raised him, he is willing to perform any number of acrobatic combat flips. Nightwing’s constant costume changes give us an idea of the breadth of design choices available for each character. All you people who like Dick Grayson’s ponytail, I thank you.

The character trailer(opens in a new tab) for Robin focused on young Tim Drake, who became Batman’s sidekick after discovering Batman’s and Dick Grayson’s identities. He fights with a staff and uses the Justice League’s teleportation technology to get around the battlefield quickly. In the Batgirl character trailer(opens in new tab), Barbara Gordon shows off her skills as a crimefighter by using an electrified tonfa, zipline kicks, and stun bearings to defeat criminals.

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