Encanto: 10 Best Main Characters (Update In 2022)

The primary characters in Disney’s latest animated musical, Encanto, all hail from the magical Madrigal family and use their abilities to aid the citizens of a nearby town.

Others, like Luisa’s understandable battle to be vital for her family and Mirabel’s heart and humor, endear themselves to the audience by their personalities rather than their abilities, like Isabela’s grace and ability to make flowers grow or Julieta’s power to cure people’s wounds with her food.

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1. Mirabel

Mirabel has difficulty fitting in with her family because she isn’t as talented as anybody else. While she has a deep love for her family, she often feels like a failure and longs to be as accomplished and unique as the other Madrigals.

Mirabel’s struggle for acceptance makes her a likable protagonist. She’s got an offbeat sense of humor and some of the film’s best lines, such as spoofing “The Family Madrigal” while climbing Bruno’s stairs. Mirabel is the most sympathetic figure in Encanto because of her devotion to her family, yearning for acceptance, and self-exploration throughout the story.

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2. Luisa

Luisa, Mirabel’s older sister, appears to be a stalwart person. But she admits that she is having a hard time coping with the expectations of her family and that she often feels alone in her struggle.

Luisa struggles with the belief that she has no value until she uses her talent. Because of her frailty, she is a very likable and sympathetic protagonist. Considering how interesting and pleasant she is as a character, it’s clear that she should have been given more screen time.

3. Bruno

Bruno, Mirabel’s enigmatic uncle, was thought to have disappeared, but he had been hiding out in Casita all along. Isolated from human company, he has begun to engage in some peculiar behaviors, including adopting a series of fictional personalities and watching improvised television in which the rats play the roles of the hosts and guests.

Mirabel is pleasantly surprised by the affable side of one of Disney’s most popular current characters, Bruno. It is also stated that he fled because he did not want Mirabel to be harmed by his predictions. The love he had for his family was strong enough to make him willing to give up his own life and live in seclusion.

4. Antonio

Antonio, Mirabel’s young cousin and roommate, is the latest Madrigal family member to have a gift, the ability to communicate with animals. He is a sweet and obedient young man who idolises Mirabel.

His apprehension before the gift ceremony and his request that Mirabel hold his hand during it are indicative of his youth and naivety. Although not the most developed or complex character, he injects the family with youthful vitality and a renewed admiration for his talent.

5. Dolores

Dolores, Pepa’s daughter, has a heightened sense of hearing. This makes her the town’s go-to gossip and information source, as she can overhear anything said in the house and across town.

Dolores, because to her improved hearing, is one of the film’s comic characters because of the subtlety with which she delivers her lines. She’s been waiting patiently for her time to go after love all film, and rightfully so.

6. Julieta

Mirabel’s mother, Julieta, is a selfless and generous person who goes out of her way to help others by cooking miraculous food that cures their illnesses. Despite not having a present, she tries her best to reassure Mirabel and make her feel welcome.

To protect her daughter, Julieta confronts Abuela Alma about her constant criticism of her granddaughter, Mirabel. Despite her minor role, she quickly becomes one of the film’s most endearing characters thanks to her unselfish deeds and sympathetic demeanor.

Encanto Main Character
Encanto Main Character

7. Isabela

Sister Isabel can make flowers grow wherever she goes, just like their older sister Mirabel. This helps her become the ideal of perfection and the family’s favorite, earning resentment of Mirabel.

Even though Isabel’s flawless appearance can be off-putting at times, it’s all an act for the sake of her loved ones. She becomes a sympathetic and likable character after she opens up about how she really feels and lets go of her need to be perfect.

8. Agustín

Agustin, Mirabel’s father, is a lovable kook. He doesn’t have a gift, but he’s grown to accept himself and doesn’t resent the Madrigal family for making him a part of it.

Agustn’s allergic reaction to bee stings is a running gag throughout the film, and it’s especially funny as he starts to bloat up and dies when Julieta can’t heal him. In that he understands Mirabel’s pain, he attempts to be a reassuring and sympathetic figure for her.

9. Pepa

Aunt Pepa, Mirabel’s emotional support system and a strong contender for one of Disney’s most potent characters, has the ability to manipulate the weather with her sentiments. She strives for a calm, upbeat demeanor but isn’t always successful.

Some of the movie’s most entertaining scenes involve Pepa using her talent, as when she’s struggling to keep her cool when Mariano asks Isabela to marry him. To top it all off, she’s got the relaxed, carefree Félix as a boyfriend, so that automatically makes her more endearing. However, her character is limited to this one running humor because she does not have enough screen time in the film.

10. Abuela Alma

Abuela Alma is the matriarch of the Madrigal family and, thus, the most senior member. After Abuelo Pedro passed away, she prayed for a miracle, and that’s when the magic candle appeared. Unfortunately, in her haste to save the magical flame, she hurts Bruno and Mirabel, who are truly precious to her.

Abuela Alma’s stern demeanor and sterner words make her a somewhat unlikeable Disney character over most of the film, despite her good intentions. For most of the film, she is the least likeable main character, but she is redeemed and becomes more likeable at the conclusion.

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