How To Start Festival In Elden Ring?

More than a million people around the world play Elden Ring, an increasingly popular PC game.

There are no breaks in play in Elden Ring, which is one of its distinguishing features. If you are having trouble beating the Demigods (the bosses), you can always travel to a new area, clear it of lesser foes, and return to the boss fight in even better shape. Elden’s one and only celebration shares this quality. How, then, shall we find out?

The Elden Ring Radahn Festival is an integral part of the gameplay. It goes without saying that eliminating Radahn and gaining entry to the festival are no easy tasks.

How To Start Festival In Elden Ring? 

Step 1: Launch Your Elden Ring

Start the game by double-clicking the Elden icon on your desktop, and then use the in-game maps to get a feel for the area you need to explore.

Step 2: Go To Fort Faroth

The next piece of the “Dectus Medallion” can be found in the fort of faroth (not the name of the place), and it can be found in Caelid (check the maps).

The correct dectus medallion can be obtained there. Fight your way through hordes of opponents and mini-bosses along the way. It won’t be a simple journey.

Step 3: Look For The Second Part 

Next, head to Fort Height, which can be found on the eastern outskirts of the Mistwood region of Limgrave. It is necessary to activate the medallion once you have found both pieces (grand lift of dectus)

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Step 4: Activate The Medallions

Next, ride the Grand lift to the very top. The medallions can also be activated from the Grand Lift’s basement level.

Step 5:  Go To Redmane Castle

Proceed to Cealid after this (south eastern region of Cealid). The Teleportation Stone, a massive boulder, can be found in front of the Impassable Great Bridge.

Step 6: Talk To The NPC’s Soldier

Lastly, a group of non-player characters (NPCs) will be waiting for you inside the castle. Talk to the top soldier (he’s wearing odd pants) up on the platform.

What To Do Before The Festival In Elden Ring?

Two important members who will be attending the festival at Elden ring must be met beforehand. They’re represented by the wolf (“blaidd”) and the warrior jar (“Alexander”). Not many places stock them. To find what you’re after, you need to keep looking.

To save time, the Lion Misbegotten fighter and the crucible knight can be found in a dungeon right outside the Redmane castle.

As an added bonus, the redman castle walls are yours to claim from the cliffs to the southeast. Even if you manage to kill all of the adversaries and steal their wealth, you won’t be able to slay Radahn until you start the festival.

How To Get The Radahn In Elden Ring?

If you want radahn in Elden Ring, Look for “Smouldering Wall” on the map, go southwest until you reach the Forth Fort, enter it, and find that the main gate is locked.

If you look to the right of the gate, you’ll find a branch of the tree forming a bridge-like path; if you follow the branch, you’ll arrive at the impassable bridge.

The name is impossible to get around, but things appear to be getting easier. A mirror-like thing will appear to pass through the portal, and you will find yourself at the front gates of the Redmane castle.

Elden Ring How to Start Festival
Elden Ring How to Start Festival

In the castle’s central plaza, you’ll run into Alexander the jar, a maiden, the wolf child, and a couple of ghost people.

Speak with the man up top, then head around the castle to the back, cross the bridge, and you’ll find yourself on a beach. Once again, a doorway will appear and lead Radahn directly to the battlefield.

Final Words:

Getting into Redmane castle is an adventurous and thrilling path in the Elden Ring game. To trigger the Radahn’s festival, you can follow the path of activating the Great Lift Of Dectus or follow the Ranni’s quest line.

Talk to Blaidd (the wolf guy) either way, and he’ll let you know that he’ll be at the Radahn’s celebration. The simple use of his words is crucial. If you were unable to begin the celebration, be sure you have not overlooked any of the aforementioned details.

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