Edence Zero Season 2: How Many Episodes Does It Have?

Edens Zero is Hiro Mashima’s third project. Rave Master and Fairy Tail, his first two, were both very well received. The anime is only available on the popular streaming service Netflix. It is a new space science fantasy and will come back next year for a second season.

Fans think that Edens Zero Season 2 will be a hit, and it will show Shiki and Rebecca exploring and travelling through the Sakura Cosmos. Here’s everything you need to know about Season 2 of Edens Zero, including when it will come out, how many episodes will be available, the story, and what to expect.

When does Edens Zero Season 2 Release?

Although a second season of the programme has been confirmed, Edens Zero Season 2 has yet to get an official release date. However, on August 17, 2022, an unofficial source identified as MyAnimeList announced that Edens Zero Season 2 would premiere in 2023.

News: Edens Zero 2nd Season (Edens Zero Season 2) reveals teaser visual for a 2023 debut #EDENSZERO #エデンズゼロ https://t.co/YwufZMen9v pic.twitter.com/RLqYcW9ryT

— MyAnimeList (@myanimelist) August 17, 2022

Anime enthusiasts can watch Edens Zero on Netflix in either the English dub or the original Japanese dub (with English subtitles). Unfortunately, Crunchyroll, a renowned website for streaming anime and manga, does not offer Edens Zero for streaming. Edens Zero is only accessible on Netflix.

How many episodes are there in Edens Zero Season 2?

If Edens Zero season 2 will have a full 25-episode season like the prequel is still up in the air. Once the information is available, we’ll do our best to update this section with the complete list of episodes for Eden Zero Season 2.

What to expect in Edens Zero Season 2

Edens Zero is about two main characters, Rebecca Bluegarden and Shiki. It is set in a world where magic, machines, and the Cosmos all play a role. People and machines live together, but there are groups on both sides that think the other is inferior and have forced them to work for them.

Edence Zero Season 2
Edence Zero Season 2

Shiki has spent his whole life in the Kingdom of Granbell, which is full of machines. After being left alone when he was born, a machine took him in and raised him. This “grandfather” taught him how to use Ether gear. On the other hand, Rebecca wants to be the best B-Cuber on the site with her funny videos and her cat friend, Happy.

During one of her trips, she finds Granbell’s long-abandoned amusement park and decides to use it as the setting for her next hit video. Then she meets a person who has never talked to another person and is very awkward around people. After getting to know each other, the machines on Granbell seem to break down, so Rebbeca, Shiki, and Happy have to go back to the Sakura Cosmo.

As Rebecca and Shiki went on their adventures in the Sakura Cosmos, they met new friends along the way. With each new friend, it gets harder to guess how the next series will end. Still, it seems like the anime has been following the manga exactly, so people who have read the manga can watch the anime without worrying about filler episodes, which seems to be a problem for most anime.

Fans who only watch anime can expect the same amount of action as in the prequel. The new season will also have a lot of twists and secrets. And that’s all we know about Season 2 of Edens Zero.

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