Dr. Kline Still Married: How Many Kline Siblings Are There Now In 2022?

The documentary “Our Father,” which featured Donald Cline, a well-known ex-fertility specialist, also asked whether or not Cline is still married. If you want to know if Dr. Cline is still married, you need to read this article until the end to learn the answer.

Who Is Donald Cline?

Doctor Donald Cline has experience in the field of infertility and has practiced in the Indianapolis area. Over the course of his career, Donald Cline has received numerous awards for being the best doctor in Indianapolis. Donald was also caught exchanging donor sperm that was meant to be used in inseminating patients.

Because of this, Cline is thought to have fathered around 50 children between 1979 and 1986. As Our Father continues to follow Jacoba Ballard, she learns that she has dozens of half-siblings whose moms visited Cline’s Fertility Clinic.

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Is Dr. Cline Still Married?

Audrey Susie is Dr. Cline’s wife. Soon after she wed Donald Cline, she legally changed her surname to Cline. Her husband, doctor Donald Cline, also helped her with gynecological issues.

Dr. Donald Cline has been cleared of the charges that he illegally implanted his own sperm into his patients. In Our Father, Audrey Susie was conspicuously absent. Donald further said that Audrey would leave him if she found out about the incident.

How Many Kids Does Dr. Cline Have?

Dr. Donald Cline and his wife Susie are expecting a baby girl named Donna and a baby boy named Doug. Donna Stein, his eldest child, was also a nurse and shared her dad’s job as a doctor at Cline’s clinic. Then, however, Our Father reveals that, at the time of filming, Cline had fathered nearly 94 children with his patients. It’s also likely that there are additional half-siblings.

Dr. Kline Still Married
Dr. Kline Still Married

Donald Cline Biography


Specification Details
Full Name Donald Cline
Nick Name Donald
Popular For His Real life Documentary “Our Father”
Date Of Birth In 1937
Place Of Birth Indiana, US
Age 84 years
Ethnicity White
Profession Fertility Doctor
Nationality American
Zodiac Sign Not Known
Marital Status Married
Wife Name Audrey Susie
No. Of Children 2
Daughter Name Donna Stein
Son Name Doug Stein
Education M.D
Religion Christian
Height 5 Feet 11 Inches
Weight 87 Kg
Net Worth $200K USD (approx)

Dr. Donald Cline’s Age

Donald Cline, MD, was born in Indiana, USA, in 1937. At the moment, Donald Cline has reached the ripe old age of 84. He is White by race. He has citizenship in the United States by virtue of his birth. We are not given any background information regarding his family. Nobody knows anything about his siblings either.


1. What is Dr. Cline’s Net worth?

His net worth is around $200K USD.

2. What is Dr. Cline’s Nationality?

He is an American.

3. What is Dr. Cline’s Wife’s name?

Dr. Cline’s Wife’s name is Audrey Susie.

4. What is Dr. Cline’s Age?

Dr. Cline is 84 years old.

5. What is Dr. Cline’s Profession?

He is a Fertility Doctor.

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