Diane Ladd’s Illness: What Illness Did Diane Ladd Have?

Besides being Laura Dern’s mom, Diane Ladd has been a Hollywood fixture for decades. As a producer, director, and actor, she has also been successful. The most recent role that Diane has played is the lead in the Hallmark Channel drama series Chesapeake Shores. In 2018, however, she became ill and had to leave the program.

What illness Did Diane Ladd Have? Is She Still Sick?

In 2018, Diane Ladd was diagnosed with pneumonia and given six months to survive. Her daughter Laura Dern, she told Closer Weekly, “went mad and wailed, “You can’t die!” and then went to work. There are no siblings in my family. You’re my only family, Mom. But I showed the doctors that they were wrong: I didn’t die,” Diane stated after she outlived their predictions. In other words, I managed to trick them.

Diane, who is now 85 years old, has stated that she has no plans to retire from Hollywood anytime soon.

“Not as long as God lets me breathe and walk,” she told Closer Weekly. I’m not leaving till the lights go out on this stage.


It was during the 2021 coronavirus pandemic when Laura, speaking to Elle Magazine, said that the family had taken extra precautions to ensure Diane’s safety while she was still at risk while recovering from pneumonia. Her lungs were particularly vulnerable, she claimed, because of pneumonia her mother endured. They were so concerned for her safety that it was a period of relative isolation, as it is for most of us when a member of our immediate family is in danger.

Laura continued, “It was really amazing to witness how my kids joined together to watch movies with her and take care of each other.” On the occasion of Diane’s 86th birthday in 2021, she and her loved ones celebrated with a cake brought to her in bed. She snapped a photo with her phone and captioned it with sweet words about how much she appreciated her mom on Instagram.

Diane Ladd’s Illness


It’s the best present ever to wake up my cute mom on her birthday to a room full of family and friends and a table full of cakes. Wonderful Diane, I love you more than words can express. I have the best parents a girl could ask for.

Did Diane Ladd Quit ‘Chesapeake Shores’?

The 2016 season marked the premiere of the first iteration of the Chesapeake Shores drama on the Hallmark Channel. Author Sherryl Woods’s book of the same name served as inspiration for the film. Played by Meghan Ory, Abby O’Brien Winters is a divorced mother of two from New York City who relocates to the bucolic village of Chesapeake Shores in Maryland.

Diane Ladd plays the grandmother of the O’Brien family, Nell O’Brien. The family relied heavily on her care. If IMDB is to be believed, Diane will not be leaving Chesapeake Shores after Season 6. On August 14, 2022, the sixth and last season of the show premiered. Diane, no matter how sick she may be, will not give up her passions.

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