David Tennant Explains Why He Made Fun of His Son on House of the Dragon

David Tennant Explains: The fact that David Tennant’s son Ty Tennant, who recently starred in House of the Dragon, is carrying on the family acting tradition has made headlines recently. Tennant made an appearance at London Comic Con to meet with fans, sign autographs, and take pictures. Georgia Tennant, Tennant’s wife, shared a picture on social media showing her husband Ty at the convention with David standing behind them, holding a sign that read: “He’s not that special.”

As the fifth Doctor Who, Peter Davison is the father of Georgia Tennant. His tenure in the role spanned the years 1982-1984. When David Tennant portrayed the Doctor from 2005 to 2010, he attended a Comic Con in Wales, where Davison was there to greet him with the same sign.

Georgia’s tweet about David and Ty garnered 192,000 likes, and he was recently interviewed by BBC News in reference to it. When asked if he was prepared for the moment to go viral, Tennant said, “Well, I don’t do all the social media stuff, so I have no idea what happens to these things.” Georgia is always there to give me direction whenever I need to approach.

Because my father-in-law, the lovely Peter, is also a member of the Doctor Who family, Tennant continued, “Her Dad did that to me.” He had previously held a sign at a different Comic Con, so I followed suit with Ty (just passing the torch, so to speak). All these things are linked together.

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After Alicent and Rhaenyra’s children had grown up, Ty Tennant took on the role of Prince Aegon Targaryen in the final act of House of the Dragon. Starring alongside Gabriel Byrne and Daisy Edgar-Jones, Ty has appeared in the science fiction series War of the Worlds before. Additionally, he has shared the screen with his parents in the Michael Sheen improv comedy Staged.

House Of The Dragon: Who Is Played By David Tennant’s Son

Fans of House of the Dragon think that David Tennant’s son, who plays Aegon II, is a double.

David Tennant Explains
David Tennant Explains

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Episode 6, which aired this past weekend, marked the first appearance of Ty Tennant, then 20 years old.

Prince Aegon Targaryen II returned in the seventh episode, and viewers have already begun to point out that he looks an awful lot like Finn Wolfhard.

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