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10 Best Anime Characters With Curly Hair

Curly Haired Anime Characters

Curly Haired Anime Characters

Actually, it took more effort than I had hoped to write this post. In light of the prevalence of naturally curly females in the real world, one may expect to see many such characters in anime. But oddly enough, no. Perhaps this reflects the rarity of curly hair in Japan, where most anime girls have straight hair. That’s why most of the ladies featured here come from far away — or as far as anime will take them.

1. Emporio Ivankov

Iva’s hair curls are really lovely. Ivankov is able to control her gender transition and use it as a weapon against her foes thanks to the Horm-Horm Fruit (which probably ends up putting them in therapy).

The Queen of the Okama is shown to us in her female form, and she is both incredibly adaptable and fiercely independent.

Not the most attractive girl on the list (my apologies), but I never pass up a chance to make a Rocky Horror pun.

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2. Sadi

In keeping with this motif, we have Sadi, empress of Impel Down, the maximum security jail where our heroes are being held.

Sadi is a nasty dominatrix who takes pleasure in causing pain and suffering, yet she prefers to be nicknamed “Little Sadi” despite the fact that she is everything but small.

Her go-to weaponry consists of a pitchfork and a whip, as one might guess.

Fortunately, we have another curly-haired buxom dominatrix on the crew named Ivankof.

In reality, when we first see Ivankof in their female form, it is for the express purpose of fighting Sadi and rescuing Luffy and the rest of the group.

3. Brigitte ‘Rosie’ Stark

Brigitte ‘Rosie’ Stark is a bar singer whose career is devastated by the war in Europa, and she is a pivotal character in both the anime and the original video game series.

She joins the army without ever having completed high school and works her way up to the rank of corporal by sheer determination and bravado.

Having come from a rough background, she opens the series by questioning Welkin’s command (she has been in the army far longer; why is a kid in charge?) and discriminatory toward a ‘dark-haired’ Darcsen named Isara, Welkin’s adopted sister (an immigrant race in Europa).

But as the novel develops, she matures quite a bit. She overcame her bias and developed unwavering loyalty to her friends, regardless of their ethnicity.

4. Sarah Dupont

Brigitte ‘Rosie’ Stark is a significant character in both the anime and the original video game series. She is a bar singer whose career is destroyed by the war in Europa.

She enlists in the army without finishing high school and, through hard work and determination, rises to the rank of corporal.

Her tough upbringing leads her to initially challenge Welkin’s leadership (she’s been in the army longer; why is a youngster in charge?) in the pilot episode. and prejudiced against Welkin’s adopted sister Isara, a Darcsen with “black hair” (an immigrant race in Europa).

But she grows up a lot as the story progresses. Despite her initial prejudice, she eventually developed a fierce commitment to her friends of all backgrounds

5. Mai Valentine

The stunning and talented Mai Valentine is one of the most well-known characters in all of Yu-Gi-Oh.

Mai was an orphaned youngster who spent her formative years working in bars, where she conned lustful men into betting on her cards by making them believe she had psychic powers.

And to think, it’s a children’s show!

Her card-playing prowess carried over nicely into duels, and she quickly rose to prominence as a formidable opponent.

Despite her success in life, Mai had few friends until she met Yugi and the rest of the crew.

In spite of her betrayals, Mai eventually proved to be a reliable ally and friend to the group.

6. Launch

Launch (, meaning “Lunch”; I’m writing this early in the day, and I’m hungry) is a woman who suffers from a unique illness that causes her to switch personas whenever she sneezes.

Hello, and thank you for visiting Japan’s animation industry.

She is an angel with curly blue hair when she is in her regular form.

Her naturally straight and dark hair turns curlier and blonder whenever she sneezes (somehow).

In this guise, she is a ruthless, reckless machine gun toting killer (somehow).

There was a time when Launch’s two identities were totally independent of one another.

Eventually, though, she learned to rein them in. I was wondering whether her secret was that she “always had an itchy nose.”

Curly Haired Anime Characters

7. Airu Suzaki

One of many slightly different spinoffs, Digimon Xros: The Young Hunters That Traveled Through Time features the antagonist Airu.

She has a slightly manic and dominant attitude, and she pursues her Digimon in the same persistent manner that she pursues her crushes.

She has the same taste in men that she does in Digimon: they must be attractive, or at least their likeness must be cute to her.

Parasimon, the one-eyed spider, and Candlemon, a literal melting candle, are two of her main Digimon, thus…

Airu, who is solely interested in cute things, doesn’t care about the third rule of the Digimon Hunter Code, which states, “Never take Digimon held by another Hunter.”

8. Marie

Teenagers from all over the world train for years to compete in sensha-do “The Way of the Tank” tournaments, where WWII-era tanks are used as sporting equipment.

Girls und Panzer, a show about adorable high school girls and…tanks, was the result.

Marie is a member of the BC-Freedom High School team that drives tanks from the time of Vichy France.

Marie-Antionette has been the inspiration for many fictional characters; in these depictions, she is always portrayed with a cake, a nod to the (incorrect) attribution of the slogan “Let Them Eat Cake!” to the French princess.

9. Ravel Phenex

Ravel, despite her tender years, is significantly more perceptive and cunning than the average demon.

Ravel directs his army of demons to triumph as the principal strategist for Issei’s noble family.

She isn’t the tough, seasoned warrior kind, though. Among the four Phenex siblings, she is clearly the youngest.

She’s a brat who acts out and always gets her way since she’s so obstinate and the hero constantly gives in to her demands.

10. Biscuit Kreuger

Biscuit, who goes by Bisky, is a tiny, adorable little girl with long curling pigtails.

But she isn’t, of course.

Her pecs are the size of her entire torso, and she is actually a 57-year-old bodybuilder who is several times her ‘regular’ size.

On the other hand, she would rather preserve her youth.

She is a joker at heart and a highly experienced hunter (she even led the examinations), and she utilizes her little stature to fool her opponents into thinking she is weaker than she actually is. After that, she transformed back into her true self and beat the crap out of them.

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