Citrus Anime Season 2: What is the Plot of Citrus Season 2?

It’s been four years since Mei and Yuzu’s love story was turned into an anime series. Like much other anime, Citrus started as a manga series before it was turned into an anime.

The highly praised Yuri series first came out in the serial form in 2012, and in January 2018, it was finally made into an anime. There is still enough material for a second season, but nothing has happened in four years. Is season 2 of Citrus still going to happen? Let’s find out.

Will Citrus Have Season 2?

Fans of Citrus will be sad to hear that Studio Passione has not yet picked up Season 2 of the show.

Even though there are a lot of fans of the Yuri series, the anime version got low ratings and a few not-so-great reviews on IMDB and MyanimeList.

As a result, this could dampen enthusiasm within the production company to create a continuation season.

It wouldn’t be shocking if Studio Passione, known for making mainly short-run anime titles, decided to stick to that pattern with Citrus.

Fans shouldn’t give up just yet, though. If fans make enough of a fuss, the studio might reconsider its decision.

Should Studio Passione decide they no longer wish to produce more seasons of the adaptation, other studios are free to pick up Citrus.

So long as there is enough interest from viewers, it’s always a possibility.

What Are The Available Source Materials For Season 2?

Given that the first season concluded with the fourth volume of the manga, season two may take up just where the first left off.

Only six more volumes remain to be read in the original manga series. While the original manga series for Citrus ended in October 2018, the new potential source material for the popular Japanese Yuri has been established.

Saburouta, a manga artist, produced a spin-off manga series titled Citrus Plus in November 2019. A lot of people loved Citrus Plus. Fans are still holding out hope for a second season of the anime adaptation despite the abundance of source materials.

Citrus Anime Season 2
Citrus Anime Season 2

Fans of the anime in question would do well to keep in mind that adaptations are frequently made to boost sales of the original work. Creating an anime version of a manga/light novel series is expensive, but it can help boost sales of the original media.

Studio executives must therefore make several tough decisions before committing to producing yet another season of anime.

Large amounts of support from followers, though, can be a powerful incentive to try something new. Just look at how popular One-Punch Man and Full Metal Panic are.

What Is The Plot Of Citrus Season 2?

There is a fascinating and perhaps even controversial plot in Citrus. Throughout the movie, we follow Yuzu and Mei, two girls who met and fell in love at an all-female institution. They were total strangers at first, but they eventually learned that they were step-sisters.

Besides love triangles and other romantic complications, Yuzu and Mei’s story is full of love.

In actuality, Mei only dared to confess her genuine feelings to Yuzu by the end of the first season. Relationship problems arose as a result of Yuzu’s insincere responses.

If Citrus is ever renewed for a second season, we hope to see Mei and Yuzu’s more uncomfortable interactions as they explore their feelings and sexuality.

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