Chainsaw Man Episode 2 Release Date, Speculations Updates In 2022!

In the first episode of Chainsaw Man, “Dog & Chainsaw,” Denji transformed into Chainsaw Devil.

Both the beginning and the conclusion are rather good. Although the animation is excellent, the computer graphics are disappointing. The episode moved at a decent clip, and so far, so good on what promises to be a wild ride.

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Chainsaw Man Episode 2 Speculations:

As predicted, Makima has arrived, and she will be in charge going forward. In her care, Denji will serve as an instrument in her demon extermination operations.

In the first episode, as was expected, the whole of the first chapter was used. To be continued with the introduction of new protagonists. Makima plans to use Denji as a pawn to get a slave.

More character growth and less mayhem may be expected in this episode. The universe of Chainsaw Man will be explored in greater detail. The storm is on its way, so you needn’t worry.

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Episode 2 Release Date:

On October 18th, 2022, the second episode of the Chainsaw Man anime will premiere. No preview or episode title has been shown.

1. Is Chainsaw Manon Break This Week?

Chainsaw Man is not taking a break for its second episode. On time, the episode will be available for streaming.

Episode 1 Recap:

A young man gets up and heads out to the workplace. He tells himself that despite selling an eye, a nut, and a kidney, he is still relatively wealthy. The dog by his side is sporting a chainsaw for a head.

The canine is named Pochita, and the young man is called Denji. Together, they will hunt down and destroy an evil spirit. Pay is quite decent for devil hunting. He earns a reward for his efforts after killing the Tomato Devil. Denji gets ridiculed by the elderly man’s driver, who tells him he can have 100 yen if he eats his cigarette. Eventually, the young man complies.

Since he believes he would starve to death while trying to repay his obligations, he eats bread for breakfast and has given up on living a regular life. Before he passes away, he wants to make one last move: woo a pretty lady.

In a flashback, we see Denji visiting his father’s grave, where the old man warns him to repay his debt, or he will be killed. Damaged but alive, Pochita is discovered by Denji. They strike a pact after he gives Pochita some of his blood.

Chainsaw Man Episode 2
Chainsaw Man Episode 2

Whenever he tries to go to sleep, he wakes up with a bloody cough. His grandfather drives him to work and wakes him up for the day. The guy leads him to a desolate area.

Denji is struck in the back with a sword. The elderly guy reveals that he struck a bargain with Satan in exchange for immense power. In other words, he formed a pact with the Zombie Devil. Humans are transformed into zombies by his power.

He then proceeds to eliminate all of the zombies. He was inconsolable at the thought of ever having to pay off his obligations. A woman and two men arrive the following morning to discover everyone dead, including Chainsaw Man.

The woman walks up to him, and he commands her to give him a hug. When she does that, the chainsaw becomes completely ineffective. A bit of surprise has crept into Denji’s expression. Denji is given a choice to either starve to death or join her on her devil hunting mission, with the promise that she will provide for his dietary needs.

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