Who Is Lowell Harris? Everything You Need To Know About Him

Late American actress and singer Inga Swenson was married to Lowell Harris. Harris is a sound engineer that has worked on a few productions in the entertainment business. Harris also gained public attention when he married his well-known wife from the movie industry.

Swenson has been an actor in a number of well-known films and television programs. Many of her best-known books, including Benson, The Miracle Worker, Soap, and North & South: Book 1, have been adapted for the big screen. Who is Lowell Harris? Read All details below.

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Who is Lowell Harris?

As a sound engineer and actor, Lowell Harris was a multi-talented person who significantly influenced the entertainment industry. He was born on January 20, 1932, and he performed in a number of television shows, including “China Beach,” “ER,” and “Black Sheep Squadron.”

Who Is Lowell Harris?
Who Is Lowell Harris?

Harris was a skilled sound engineer, and for his outstanding work, he was honored with the prestigious Primetime Creative Arts Emmy Award for Outstanding Sound Mixing in a Drama Series.

His most important part, though, was as the devoted husband of Inga Swenson, a well-known actress. They had a long-lasting relationship and helped each other through the highs and lows of their personal and professional lives.

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Lowell Harris’s Age and Wikipedia

Lowell Harris is a well-known figure in the entertainment sector who mostly worked as a sound engineer. In addition, he was born on January 20, 1932, as Lowell Montgomery Harris. Harris will be 91 years old in 2023. He was raised by his parents, Ruth Montgomery and Clarence Eldon Harris.

Harris is not his parent’s only child; rather, he was reared with her sister, Douglas Eldon Harris, according to the material on his IMDb biography. Harris also made a positive impact on other lucrative business-related initiatives.

His best-known pieces of art may be seen in films like China Beach from 1988 and Sheep Squadron from 1976. Additionally, Harris appeared in the ER movie in 1994. In addition, everyone admired the work that his late wife did, and she was highly recognized.

Children of Lowell Harris and Inga Swenson

Inga Swenson and Lowell Harris had built their own home and had long since experienced the love of a husband and wife. Mark and James Montgomery Harris were born to Harris and Swenson. Mark is a skilled film editor who works in the entertainment sector, just like his parents.

He contributed to the films Blues Brothers 2000 and Digging to China. In addition to Godsend, Solo: A Star Wars Story, Jurassic World Dominion, and Jurassic World Dominion 2, Mark has also had the opportunity to work on additional films.

You may find out more about Mark’s work by becoming a fan of his on IMDb. In 1987, the couple’s son James was killed in a car accident, adding to the family’s misery. James passed away at the age of 26. The family is now grieving Inga’s demise.

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