Tammy Slaton Net Worth And How She Makes Money Outside Of TV

Fans of “1000-lb Sisters” frequently express concern regarding Tammy Slaton and her well-being. On the other hand, it seems as though she is doing well for herself financially. Some of Tammy’s fans are curious about how she makes her living. Tammy and her sister Amy Slaton are compensated by the show for their participation there. But you have to assume that Tammy also earns money from other sources.

The first season of “1000-lb Sisters” catapulted Tammy and Amy to the forefront of pop culture. Both of these women required bariatric surgery at the time because their weight put their health at risk due to their dangerously high levels of obesity. Amy has undergone surgery since then; however, she continues struggling with her weight and is determined to lead a healthier lifestyle.

On the other hand, Tammy has had two boyfriends who caused her problems, and her fans continue to be concerned about her. However, throughout the process, both women become famous due to the series.

Tammy Slaton’s Net Worth

Amy’s net worth is around $250,000, while Tammy’s is $100,000. Although neither 1000-lb Sisters star disclosed how much they earn per episode from the show, based on how much other TLC reality TV stars make, they each likely reach close to $5,000. If so, the sisters would each earn just under $50,000 annually.

Tammy Slaton Net Worth
Tammy Slaton Net Worth

This is all conjecture since Amy and Tammy haven’t disclosed their respective salaries for the show or their net worths. Tammy and Amy might, however, earn a respectable income from their program. Additionally, Tammy may make money from her public appearances, her YouTube channel, or Amy’s account, where she posts videos.

Tammy Slaton Appears Outside “1000-lb Sisters.”

In the third season of “1000-lb Sisters,” Tammy’s outlook on her weight and her level of physical activity continues to worsen. Tammy is unwilling to walk further than the mailbox, even thoAmy hiringalth aid is for her. Amy and their brother Chris Combs plan a meet and greet for her at the county fair in the area so that they can cheer her up and make her feel better.

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It seems the sisters regularly make public appearances of this nature whenever they can. And because of the size of their fan bases, the money they make from their arrivals is likely sufficient to make the meet-and-greet events worthwhile for them to attend.

Show Encourages Tammy Against Amy Slaton

Amy’s relationship with Tammy has been strained ever since the former underwent bariatric surgery, the latter got married, and the former became a mother. The sisters’ weights and heights used to be much more comparable, and they lived very similar lives. Tammy appears to resent Amy because her circumstances have evolved, and she now wants to improve herself.

Their relationship goes through many ups and downs throughout the show’s third season. Of course, they will always be sisters, and the facade couldn’t exist without Tammy and Amy’s dynamic. Despite this, things continue to be tense between the two of them. Nobody can accurately predict where they will be at the end of the third season.

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